In Horizon Forbidden West , the player encounters various points of interest on the world map. These places include ruins with relics, the passage of which will not be easy for Aloy who does not have a fuse, a shield-wing and a stalk cutter. Therefore, to conquer such points of interest, it is worth acquiring these items. 

Our guide will tell you why you need relics from the ruins and what you can get for them.

Passage of ruins with relics

For a player in Horizon Forbidden West, there are 9 ruins with relics. These are places with puzzles and in order to get a reward you need to find the code from the door. 

Ruins: Barrier

How to get to all the ruins with Relics in Horizon Forbidden West
  1. A good place to start looking for the relic of the ruins is the northern part. 
  2. Use the crate to get to the locked door.
  3. Follow the wooden path to the next location of the ruins. 
  4. Find the note with the door code and scan it.
  5. Pull out the ventilation grill from above.
  6. Pull out the container to climb on it and get into the open ventilation. 
  7. Get into the next room and break the wall there.
  8. Climb into the destroyed floor.
  9. In the new room, find the destructible part of the ceiling and bring the container through it. 
  10. Now the path to the roof is free and climb on the highlighted yellow supports.
  11. When you go upstairs, jump down to the wooden platform on the left. There is a key there. Pick it up and go back to the very beginning of your journey.
  12. Open the door with the key and code 1705. 
  13. Take the relic of the ruins.

Ruins: Desolate Lands

How to get to all the ruins with Relics in Horizon Forbidden West
  1. Start exploring the ruins from the southwest point.
  2. Inside, pull the container up to the opposite wall.
  3. Climb onto the box and up.
  4. You will see a sparkle that needs to be blown up.
  5. Visit the room on the left and pull the container through the grate there. You will need it later.
  6. Now you can jump into the flooded room.
  7. Here is a note with the code 2204.
  8. Destroy the wall to exit to the right and enter the courtyard.
  9. Find the sparkle and blow it up.
  10. Take the energy cell and return to the flooded room.
  11. Now pull the container that was previously pulled into the next room.
  12. Put the power cell on the crate and drag the container to the power supply.
  13. When the mechanism works, climb onto the container and go upstairs, where the door is closed.
  14. Open the door with code 2204 and take the relic.

Ruins: Unsettling Wasteland

How to get to all the ruins with Relics in Horizon Forbidden West
  1. To the northeast of the ruins is an old cart.
  2. Roll back the trolley in the opposite direction from the ruins.
  3. Use the rail switch to change direction.
  4. Now the trolley needs to be moved along the new path to the very end.
  5. Climb to the top of the trolley and walk along the rope where the key is.
  6. Knock the lock off the yellow stairs and go down it.
  7. Before you will be the door with the code 1923, which is located on the facade of the building.
  8. When you open the door, go down the rope.
  9. Find a fire sparkle and blow it up. 
  10. Now you can move the cart. To do this, you need to switch the direction of the rail. 
  11. Climb onto the cart and get the relic.

Ruins: Waterlessness

How to get to all the ruins with Relics in Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden
  1. The ruins are located near the fire in the east of the Bezvodie location.
  2. Inside the ruins, use the stalk cutter on the metal plant. Behind the flower is a box.
  3. Pull the container to the very end and climb up.
  4. Now there will be a task for time: open the gate and run under it until it closes.
  5. In the new room, destroy the wall behind which there is a trolley.
  6. Pull the trolley to the gate and climb up.
  7. Now you need to use the grappling hook on the beams.
  8. Get along the drawn beams to the key.
  9. Open the door and remove the grate from the ventilation.
  10. Climb into the ventilation and destroy the firelight.
  11. You are again near the yellow valve.
  12. Open the gate and quickly pull up the cart to keep the doors from closing.
  13. Climb up the supports on the other side of the gate.
  14. Destroy the wall and jump down to the balcony.
  15. Take the relic.

Ruins: Standing Sands

How to get to all the ruins with Relics in Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden
  1. Entrance to the ruins in the northwestern part.
  2. Climb down the rope.
  3. Behind, find the fire gleam and destroy it.
  4. Enter the room for the firelight and drag the container from the large hall into it.
  5. Climb up the crate and climb up to the yellow valve.
  6. Turn the valve and the water will turn on. 
  7. To keep the water from draining, drag the drawer to the drain hole. This will ask the room.
  8. Swim to the southeastern part of the ruins. 
  9. Find the key in the corner.
  10. Head to the northern part of the ruins to the closed door and unlock it with the key.
  11. Pull the crate into the water.
  12. Jump over the pillars and drag the crate across the water to the southern part of the ruins where the yellow pillars are.
  13. Now climb onto the box and climb up the supports.
  14. Take the relic.

Ruins: Wasteland of the Fugitive

Horizon Forbidden
  1. Start in the northwestern part of the ruins.
  2. Use the grappling hook and destroy the wall.
  3. There is a container next to it. Pull the crate down and place it next to the wall.
  4. Climb up to the top of the tower.
  5. Jump down into a small room.
  6. Destroy the fire glare wall and the second grappling hook.
  7. Pull the container up to the first broken wall and climb up the supports.
  8. At the top you will see a box. Throw him down.
  9. Stack both boxes on top of each other.
  10. Pull them to the room where two walls are destroyed.
  11. Climb up them and take the key.
  12. Go to the northern part of the ruins to the door that glows red.
  13. Open it and break the wall behind the door. 
  14. Pull two containers to this location and drop one.
  15. Push the box to the outside of the tower.
  16. Climb up the supports and take the relic.

Ruins: Long Shore

Horizon Forbidden
  1. Start in the northeast part of the ruins.
  2. Find some yellow pillars and climb them.
  3. Find the fire sparkle and detonate it.
  4. Stand where the wall was and use the grappling hook to pull the switch.
  5. As soon as the lamps turn, hook up to one of them and drop down to the ledge with the container.
  6. Slide the crate down onto the water.
  7. Move to the other side.
  8. Take the container to dry land.
  9. Pull the box to the elevator in the next room.
  10. Use the stairs and take the power cell to power the elevator.
  11. Climb the tower along the outer supports.
  12. At the top you will see another container that needs to go down.
  13. There will be a firelight next to the crate. Destroy it and drag the container to the elevator.
  14. Now put one crate in the elevator.
  15. Climb to the second floor and pull out the container.
  16. Take the elevator down and take the second crate.
  17. Climb up the stairs to the second floor and drop the container onto the roof of the elevator.
  18. Take the elevator up to the second floor.
  19. Pull out the ventilation grille.
  20. Climb onto the roof of the elevator and use the box to climb onto the supports.
  21. Take the relic.

Ruins: Isle of Spires

Horizon Forbidden
  1. The ruins are located near the fire in the northeastern part.
  2. From the fire it will be easier to find supports to climb inside.
  3. Walk around the floor and climb into the ventilation.
  4. Destroy the fire sparkle and use the charger.
  5. Bring the power cell to the elevator.
  6. Go down and get into the flooded room.
  7. Pull the crate to the metal plant.
  8. Climb onto the container and knock the lock off the ladder on the right.
  9. Climb up the ladder with the stem cutter.
  10. Find the key at the top.
  11. Go downstairs and there will be a closed door on the left.
  12. Open the door with the key and code 2109109. 
  13. If you want to find the code yourself, then look for its parts on the 7th and 9th floors.

Case “Night of Lights”

Horizon Forbidden

The final relic can be obtained by completing the Night of Lights quest. It can only be accessed by completing the “Sea of ​​Sands” story mission. When this condition is met, find Stemmur, located on the last floor in Arcane Flash.

The character will send Aloy to the story location. Follow the quest marker and find the ruins. The map will help you with this. You will be met by a closed door, for which you need a code from two notes.

The first part of the code is on the second floor – 739. On the left side of the room, you can go upstairs. Solve a simple puzzle with containers and arrange them in such a way as to get to the ventilation. On the roof, destroy the wall and enter the room. Search the room and find the second part of the code – 135.

Now you can return to the closed door and open it with the code – 739135. Get your relic and return to Stemmur.

Ruins Relic Reward

After receiving the quest for the last relic, a golden chest will appear near Stemmur. Surely you tried to open it, but nothing happened. This chest contains a reward for all the collected relics of the ruins. 

Bring 9 relics and a golden chest will open. From it you will receive a legendary item – the Disk Thrower Glove “Return of the Legend”.

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