The released Horizon Forbidden West , like other exclusives on the PlayStation, has achievements, trophies and platinum. Our guide will tell you in detail how to get platinum. In fact, it will be quite fast and simple.

How to get platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

General information about platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

The passage of platinum is quite simple and has a difficulty of 2-3 out of 10 points. Some claim it’s even easier than Horizon Zero Dawn. 

You can complete platinum in 50 hours. During the race you will receive trophies:

  • platinum – 1 piece;
  • gold – 1 piece;
  • silver – 7 pieces;
  • bronze – 50 pieces.

The rewards on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are no different. Therefore, you can easily transfer achievements, progress and trophies to different versions of the console, for example, from 4 to 5.

All trophies are unmissable. There may be a hitch for the player when receiving only one thing – scanning cars. For the complexity of the passage of the plot there is no separate trophy. So play at a pace that suits you. 

If you have a disc copy of Horizon Forbidden West, install the Day 1 Update. This will help fix bugs and fix bugs related to getting trophies.

What to do to get platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

The action plan for getting platinum in the new Horizon is simple:

  1. Complete the main story.
  2. Complete some side quests.
  3. Fulfill certain conditions. For example, get all the trophies.
  4. Explore the open world.

There will be no spoilers in our guide, but when you get some trophies, we will reveal a couple of mechanics for obtaining them. 

Getting trophies for story quests

In the new part of Horizon, there is no variability left for the player. The decisions you make do not affect the game world in any way. Complete secondary tasks as they appear. 

The player will receive 11 trophies from the story missions. Of these, 10 are bronze and 1 is gold. To get them, the player needs to complete missions from the “Basic” category. 

Getting trophies for side quests

How to get platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

Compared to Zero Dawn, Forbidden West has quite a lot of side missions. You don’t need to complete them all to get platinum. Only a few side quests give the player the desired trophies. The remaining tasks are needed for pumping Aloy. 

You need to complete the tasks of the party members and several missions around the game world, namely:

  1. The task “The choice of the leader of the Hermits”.
  2. A series of missions “Rescue Barriers”. In the village of Barrier, to get the trophy, you need to complete several related quests “Deep grief”, “Shadow from the past”, “Cleavers”, “Twilight path” and “Shadow in the West”.
  3. Quests for party members and helping them: “Cotallo’s help”, “Healing the spirits of the earth” and “Alva’s data found”. Cotallo can be found in Memory Grove, Zo is in Valleysong, and Alva will be waiting at Legacy Quay.

Getting trophies for exploring the game world

How to get platinum in Horizon Forbidden West

To collect trophies for exploring the open world, you will need to complete:

  1. Take control of 6 Longnecks. One of them will appear only after the passage of the story, and the other will be hidden in the Kappa cauldron. By doing this, you will get “Control over the first long neck” and “Control over all long necks”.
  2. Capture four rebel outposts and get “4 rebel outposts cleared”. On the world map, such places are indicated by a skull with a turned jackdaw.
  3. Destroy four rebel camps. In this case, these places will be more fortified than outposts. Camps are displayed on the map as a skull with two inverted jackdaws. To get “First rebel camp passed” and “Victory over Azera” you will need to clear 3 of these places, and go to the fourth one with Erend. If you do a sweep after completing the game, Erend will be waiting for you in the village of Secret Flash.
  4. Take control of four boilers and get “Control over the first core” and “Control over all cores”.
  5. Complete four challenge arenas and get “Hunting Grounds Badges Earned” and “All Hunting Grounds Badges Earned”.
  6. Complete four arena challenges. This will become available after completing the “Kulrut” story quest and the “Opening the Arena” side quest. For completing the Arena Challenges, you will receive “Completed a series of Arena Challenges.”
  7. Before receiving the next reward, you need to complete all the tests of Tenakt trainers. When Aloy defeats the trainer, a marker for the location of the Fortress hut will appear on the map. Now you need to fight the Fortress and get “Victory over the Fortress”.
  8. Well, the following are carried out by destroying vehicles of a specific type and then you will get “All vehicles of the Miner type are killed”, “All vehicles of the Scout type are killed”, “All combat type vehicles are killed”, “All vehicles of the Transporter type are killed”.
  9. As you progress through the game, scan all the cars, even the bosses. Then you will get “Scanned all types of cars”.
  10. Go through all the boilers and get “Saddled all the cars available for this.
  11. Complete 2 races in cars after completing the story and get the “Winning in two races”.
  12. Complete bounty bounties at the Fence in the West and you’ll get “Completed a series of bounty bounties”.
  13. Pass any 3 ruins with relics and get “Three points of ruins with relics are passed”.
  14. Fight 2 player battles in a car skirmish and get “Defeated players in a car skirmish”.
  15. As you progress through the story missions, you will be able to get collectibles and then “Found five different collectibles” will open.
  16. Complete the missions “First in the Sky” or “The Way Home” and unlock “Completed two missions related to flying cars”.
  17. Create dye from plants Flowers and get “Dye Flowers Used”.

Getting trophies for hovering and killing cars

Soaring – a long stay in the air, for example, a jump from a mountain. To get trophies from this category, simply run:

  1. Jump off the mountain or jump off the skyscraper and then the “Long hover completed” will open.
  2. Land 3 combos with Combat Practice moves to unlock “Performed 3 melee combos.”
  3. If possible, covertly kill cars and then “Stealth killed 10 cars” will open.
  4. As you progress through the game, you can easily get “100 Machine Parts Repulsed”.
  5. Take advantage of heavy cannons shot down from large vehicles and “Five Heavy Weapons Picked up” will open.
  6. Take control of different types of cars and get “10 types of cars taken control”.

Getting trophies for pumping Aloy

Horizon Forbidden

Here everything is also quite simple. Trophies are obtained as Aloy’s skills and level increase:

  1. Get the appropriate Aloy level and “Level 20 Reached”, “Level 30 Reached” and “Level 50 Reached” will unlock.
  2. Collect all the weapons that you are given, buy them from merchants and “Received all types of weapons” will open.
  3. Shoot at the vessels on the vehicles and thereby inflict elemental damage, then the trophy “All types of elemental damage have been dealt” will open.
  4. Master one of the 6 specializations and get the trophy “Skill Tree Mastered” and “Surge of Courage upgraded to the maximum level.”
  5. Learn 3 active weapon skills and the “Three Weapon Techniques Unlocked” trophies will unlock.
  6. Upgrade weapons and clothes as you progress through the game and then the trophies “Improved three types of weapons” and “Improved three items of clothing” will open.
  7. Upgrade pouches and the trophy “Improved all types of pouches” will open.
  8. Upgrade a weapon with 2 or more mod slots. Then upgrade the weapon until the next nest opens and the “Weapons are strengthened with spirals” trophy will open.

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