The passage of the game Horizon Forbidden West requires the participant to have a number of skills and abilities. One of these skills is scuba diving. This guide contains information on how the main character Horizon Forbidden West can master the skill of long-term snorkeling.

Where is the snorkeling mask

At the initial stage of the game, Aloy (a character beloved by Horizon Forbidden West fans is a brave and beautiful girl of 18-20 years old) already has the diving skill by default and can hold air underwater for a short period of time. However, this skill is not enough to complete the game. For a long stay under water and swimming through underground caves, you need to find a diving mask. With it, you will be able to open new quest markers and move further along the plot of the game. The search for the mask will be part of the Horizon Forbidden West main storyline, for this you need to go for the Poseidon Protocol. It is located in the southeast of the Forbidden West (the underwater ruins of Las Vegas).

Algorithm of actions for finding a diving mask

How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West
  1. Follow the direction of the quest marker and look for a building with water jets coming out of its walls.
  2. Enter the found building and talk to Morlund. He will say that when he and like-minded people examined the remains of destroyed buildings, flooding began. Morlund will give you the task to bring three things: a capsule of compressed air, a breathing apparatus and machine parts from a nearby herd.
  3. To search for a capsule of compressed air, dive into a deep crevice full of water (it is located inside the building). The capsule lies among the items marked with the quest marker.
  4. Be prepared for the fact that the nearby herd will change location several times (the corresponding quest marker will be on the map).
  5. After collecting all three necessary things, return to Morlund – you will receive a workbench with which you need to make a diving mask.
  6. You have a diving mask, now you can swim underwater for as long as you need!

A way to increase the air supply for scuba diving

How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West

Once a character has crafted a diving mask using a workbench, they can use it automatically without any restrictions as they progress through the game. Dive into underground caves and master new levels of Horizon Forbidden West – good luck!

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