There are 6 Greater Runes in Elden Ring . To get each, you will have to defeat one of the Elden ring shard keepers. To complete the game, you will need to collect at least two Great Runes. All the demigods of the Inter-earth fall into the Death Note: the children of Queen Marika, the snake Ricard and the twins from the kind of Omens, Morgott and Mog. Each rune gives bonuses from the strength of the Elden ring and affects the characteristics of the character

Just defeating the boss and picking up the rune is not enough. The shard must be activated at the very top of one of the sacred towers. Rune buffs stop working after each death of the character, they need to be charged with a runic arc. We tell you which runes are the best, and what you need to do to use them in your build.

Greater Rune of Godric

The Rune of Godric the Hundred-Handed is the first rune in the game. The boss is located in Thunder Veil Castle. To meet him, you will have to defeat Margit, the Terrible Omen.

After defeating Godric, you need to return to the main gate and climb the Storm Veil tower bridge. Then – rest by the fire and run past the two stone giants to the portal to the other side of the bridge. From there, you can climb to the top of the tower and activate the shard that belonged to the boss.

Rune of Godric is one of the best in the game, it gives +5 to all characteristics of the character. This not only increases damage, health, mana and stamina, but also allows you to use some items that lack stats.

Guide to the Great Runes in Elden Ring: what they give and how to activate them

If the rune of Godric is activated first, after that, the chambers of Two Fingers, the merchant Enya and dialogues with Gideon Ofnir will become available in the Fortress of the Round Table.

Greater Rune of Radan

The fight with Radan takes place during the festival of stars. Warriors from all over the Interearth gather for a tournament whose goal is to fight a demigod. The festival takes place in the southeast of the Starry Wastes, in Redmane Castle. There you can meet the pot Alexander and the wolf Blyde.

Guide to the Great Runes in Elden Ring: what they give and how to activate them

Radan is considered one of the most difficult Elden Ring bosses, but the fight will become much easier if you call on the help of other participants in the tournament. Their summon signs are placed throughout the arena, and fallen phantoms can be re-summoned near the place of their death.

To get to the sacred tower, you need to ride the Stream next to the western Dragonmound bonfire and jump onto the roots that wrap around the building. From them you can safely jump over to one of the plank platforms and climb the ladders to the middle of the tower. There is a fire there, from which you need to turn right, so you will get to the place where the rune is activated.

Rune of Radana significantly increases health, mana and stamina points. The bonus is greater, but only affects energy reserves. Carry weight, bleed resistance, and weapon bonuses from intelligence remain the same. 

Playing as a magician, I did not find much difference between the rune of Radan and Godric, with the first it was possible to conjure a little faster and longer, and with the second it was slower, but more painful. Rune of Radana will suit stamina and mana dependent builds, such as dodgers who rely more on rolls than armor.

Greater Rune of Ricard

Finding Ricard himself is no easy task. The lord of heresy hides in the bowels of Mount Gelmir. The only way to get to it is through Vulkan’s Manor. To pass, you must either complete Tanit’s quests with assassinations, or be captured by a pendulum statue in Raya Lukaria’s academy. The desired statue is located under the spinning wheel-lift. With the help of capture, she will send the player to the prison of Vulcan Manor. However, for those who are not looking for difficult ways, there is an easier way. It is enough to roll towards the illusory wall in the room of the Vulcan Manor, which Tanith will provide you with if you agree to serve her. 

Defeating Rickard is much easier if you use the Serpent Hunter spear against him, it will cause significant damage to the boss at a great distance. Ricard is one of the bosses with two health bars, you will have to kill him twice.

Guide to the Great Runes in Elden Ring: what they give and how to activate them

You can activate the rune of Ricard in the sacred tower of West Altus. To get into it, you have to go through the Sealed Tunnel. The dungeon is located next to the western gate of the Leindell capital. At the end of the tunnel, you need to defeat the boss, the Onyx Lord. After the battle, it will be possible to get into the sacred tower.

Rune Ricard restores 185 health points for each enemy killed. She’s great for clearing dungeons, but completely useless against most bosses.

Greater Rune of Morgott

Morgott, King of Omens is one of the required Elden RIng bosses. He must be defeated in order to gain access to the Throne of the Erd Tree, which is located in the center of the Interearth capital, Leindell.

You need to activate his rune in the eastern sacred tower of Altus. It is located to the right of Rold’s lift, which leads to the lands of the giants. You will have to run through the territory of the half-breeds and along the bridge past the knights on horseback.

Morgott’s rune provides +25% health and is good for tanks with a shield and heavy armor. 

Greater Rune of Malenia

Malenia, Mikella’s blade is one of the most difficult bosses in FromSoftware games. She is very fast and strikes so often that it is almost impossible to parry. Malenia also restores health from each hit on the player. In addition, she, like Ricard, has two health bars. In the second phase, the goddess attacks with scarlet rot, which accumulates and deals very high damage. Even finding Malenia is not easy. To do this, you will have to collect the fragments of the medallion and activate the passage to the secret location.

You can activate the rune by moving through the portal on the sacred bridge in Leindell. The gates of the isolated sacred tower are opened after passing the Ruined Farum Azula location and defeating Malekith, the black blade.

Rune of Malenia turns Elden Ring into BloodBorne. With it, after taking damage, each hit of the player restores his health for a short time. Rune of Malenia is a great choice for high balance characters who don’t interrupt attacks when they get hit, but just keep fighting while regenerating their health.

Greater Rune of Mog

Mog, Lord of Blood is another Elden Ring secret boss. He hides under the Starry Wastes in his mausoleum. It can only be entered through a portal in the Consecrated Snowfield.

The rune of Mog is activated in the same place as the shard of his brother Morgott – in the eastern tower of Leindell. But the bonuses from it are very controversial. Rune of the Bloodlord restores health for each enemy killed by the player’s summoned assistants. The effect works on both living teammates and summoned ash spirits. Suitable only for fans of pvp invasions. 

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