Role-playing games are one of the pillars of gaming, which over the course of several decades has evolved into many subgenres and has given the world a bunch of cool games (what are the Witcher and Skyrim worth ).

The GTA series of games is certainly a cool project, but out of the box there are not so many opportunities for RP. Yes, in GTA San Andreas it was possible to go to the gym (or vice versa to gobble up fast food), but by default the open world game was without normal multiplayer and extended support for rollplaying. It was in the era of GTA San Andreas that RP servers were born, and RP in GTA 5 is a continuation of this trend.

Yes, you can go through the plot of the fifth GTA, fall in love with the game world and go to GTA Online , but no matter how hard the Rockstar developers try , all robberies and missions cannot replace a role-playing game. What the community is using.

GTA 5 RP: What is it and where to download for free on PC

What is GTA RP

This is a server on which certain rules apply: on a role-playing server, everyone has their own role, duties, career growth and other familiar MMORPG attributes , simply dressed in the GTA 5 shell and because of this, as close to life as possible.

Not everyone likes to run as orcs or elves when you can play as a bandit or a policeman. At the same time, the virtual world is strictly controlled by server administrators, who do not allow players to break the rules (for example, run down the street with a chainsaw and cut everyone in a row) or the atmosphere itself. It is understood that all participants in the role-playing game do not go out of their image either in the game itself or in RP communities such as forums or communities on social networks.

GTA 5 RP: What is it and where to download for free on PC

How does GTA RP work? Do I need to buy GTA 5?

GTA RP is a separate launcher that works on the basis of the licensed version of GTA. Each project has its own registration process, characters, features (although most plus or minus is the same everywhere) and monetization model.

Speaking of monetization. GTA RP downloads for free, but while playing on the server, you may encounter a situation where progress will take too long, but the process can be accelerated by spending a little (or a lot) of money. The exact amount depends on your Wishlist and administration policy.

GTA 5 RP: What is it and where to download for free on PC

Download GTA 5 RP for free on PC

So, let’s go directly to the download of the launcher GTA 5 RP on PC . It should be understood that there are many such projects on the network, and new ones appear regularly. Here is a list of the biggest ones:

  • A large project that regularly opens new servers and collaborates with a bunch of content makers. Everyone who is in the GTA RP topic is heard, but the minus of popularity is aggressive monetization (according to some players).
  • Another of the largest projects of Runet, which became the pioneers in the topic of rollplay. Online is smaller than that of the previous project on the list, and some players also note that some of the functionality of this RP server is outdated or simply performed worse than that of competitors.
  • or simply Arizona RP. Familiar to everyone who played in Arizona on GTA San Andreas. The project was launched in September 2020, the creators promise a thoughtful and elaborate RP atmosphere.
  • or Radmir RP. It is famous primarily due to the GTA Criminal Russia mod, the project came to GTA 5 RP recently.
  • The creators of this role-playing server gained an audience by relying on a more casual role-play, without particularly hardcore rules.

It should be understood that the list contains mainstream servers for GTA 5 RP. If you are a hardcore player in this mode, then this is unlikely to interest you and it is better to look towards closed projects, where participants are recruited in waves and a tough selection is carried out.

Which GTA 5 RP did you download? Share in the comments!

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