Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin expert review

Team Ninja has managed to be a studio that has done very good work so far. Team Ninja, the team behind brands such as Nioh , Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive , was also working on the Final Fantasy brand from time to time, and now a new one has joined those works in a full of chaos. This new game is, of course, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which we will review now. Developed by Team Ninja and released by Square Enix , this video game combines action and role-playing genres. The game also aims to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy brand.

On the 35th anniversary of a big brand like Final Fantasy, you could probably prefer to see a bigger artwork or celebration instead of a side game from the series, but for some reason, Square Enix saw Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game appropriate. In fact, when you look at it from afar, it is natural to think so, but this work actually tells the original story of the first Final Fantasy game released, in a different way, in an alternative universe. When this is the case, this new entry may actually seem like a suitable piece for anniversary celebrations. As you can imagine, we encounter Chaos in the game.

In the story of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a group of characters who see themselves as Warriors of Light are somehow pulled out of their own world and suddenly find themselves in an alternate world. Our main character’s name is Jack Garland and he devours himself with great hatred to bring about the end of Chaos. Of course, our main character is not alone in this adventure, and side characters such as Ash and Jed appear at this point. Our main enemy in the game is a knight who seems to have replaced Chaos. Of course, as you can imagine, things don’t go that simple.

I would like to say something positive about the story of the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game, but unfortunately that is not possible. The story itself, the narration of this story, the characters we encounter, our enemies and many things related to the story that you can think of are unfortunately unsuccessful. Of course, it would not be right to expect such a high quality that you can see in a main game of the Final Fantasy series, but the quality of the story and character offered even for a side game is really low, and they can even be sadly funny from time to time. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin expert review

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin can’t show itself on the story side

I want to talk a little more about the story of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin; You need to know this evil. The Final Fantasy series is a brand known for its fantastic stories, but you shouldn’t expect such an experience from this game. The fact that the cinematic scenes do not contain any emotion, they are presented in a mediocre way, the game progresses with only one-sentence dialogues, and lastly, the fact that the whole focus is on our very superficial main character offers an uncomfortable experience. Compared to our main character, none of the other characters even speak at all.

The Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game itself only has Chaos, Chaos, Chaos, and Chaos. Cutscenes, cinematic scenes, gameplay dialogues, and many other things only talk about Chaos and the desire to end it; nothing else is included. Interesting details about the game itself and the universe you are in are presented as “Lore”. You can only see them on loading screens and in the description of collectibles. It is not possible for you to understand exactly what is going on in the game without getting information from these elements, sir.

Okay, the story in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is not very heartwarming, boring and mediocre. However, the core gameplay in video games is just as important as the story. At this point, our game, at least, does not get everything on your hands and face. Even if the game pulls itself down a lot in the story, we can see some quality thanks to the basic gameplay. To summarize the situation, the logic of action and role-playing combine in this work. Our main character can identify two of the jobs in the Final Fantasy series as his active class, and we can actively use both physical and magical attacks with these jobs.

Like jobs for our character, the environments and the enemies within those circles also return from the Final Fantasy universe. Many things will look familiar to you, especially if you’ve played the original games in this series before, especially some enemy designs. Apart from these, countless different weapons, armor, other loot, satisfying combos, different jobs/character classes, some of which are completely new, manage to offer quality gameplay. Meanwhile, each job comes with its own weapons, abilities, and perks. You can freely switch between jobs throughout the game.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin expert review

Although the game pulls itself to the bottom at one point, it manages to recover at another point.

There are around 20-30 jobs in the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game. All of this can feel a bit overwhelming at the very beginning of the game, as each job offers almost entirely unique opportunities, but once you get used to the experience, die-hard fans of the role-playing genre will love the richness on offer. Being able to switch between jobs freely and combine two different jobs creates a higher quality experience than you can imagine. In this way, it is possible to reveal character classes and structures that have not been seen in any Final Fantasy game before.

The content of the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game consists of quests that you can do one after the other. At this point, you can see the game as a completely reduced difficulty Nioh 2. So, I’m talking about partition design. Even if standard enemies die easily, bosses still require strategy and you may have to try themselves more than once. Different options are offered according to the players who want difficulty and those who do not. So, if you want, you can make the game very difficult or very easy. If you wish, you can also play the entire game in multiplayer.

On the presentation side, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin brings itself down once again. Enemy designs aren’t too bad actually; Many designs feel as if they belong to the Final Fantasy brand, but the real problem with the visuals is that the environmental designs are incredibly tasteless, far from creativity, and uninspired. At the same time, the main characters in the game do not seem to be the main characters at all. Apart from the visuals, I experienced the game on the PlayStation 5 console and I did not encounter any problems on the performance side. Sounds and music, on the other hand, were at an average level like visuals.

To sum up the situation, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is unfortunately a mediocre game and therefore I can only recommend it during the sale periods. I can only recommend that players who love classic Final Fantasy games and are very interested in this universe, even during discount periods, should head towards this work. Otherwise, there are much better games of the action and role-playing genre, there are much better games made by Team Ninja, and there are games that show the Final Fantasy brand more and more. The game I’ve reviewed isn’t a very fun starting point for any gamer.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


  • Inspired by the Souls and Nioh series, the gameplay combines with an aggressive structure.
  • There are hundreds of different options to customize your main character.
  • Fighting bosses is quite fun and full of action.


  • A game that definitely does not suit a brand like Final Fantasy.
  • The story itself, the narration and the characters are pretty mediocre.
  • Section designs are by no means uninteresting and very simple.
  • It may be necessary to spend a lot of time in the menus.

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