Elden Ring is the most non-linear game from FromSoftware. It has secret locations, six endings, and out of 83 bosses, only 11 are required! To progress through the story, it is not necessary to follow the beaten path, sometimes it is enough to use ingenuity or simply explore the open world in search of new paths.

To get to the Altus Plateau location, where the mandatory capital Leindell is located, you can follow the story and activate the Dectus lift. But there are two more unusual ways to get into this gaming zone.

To activate the lift, you have to go around the entire south of Interearth

Finger reader Enya will tell you about the Dectus lift and how to activate it after defeating Rennala Full Moon.

Half of the medallion lies in the Graveyard, in the tower of Fort Hythe, which was captured by Godric’s soldiers. Clearing the fort is part of Kenneth Hite’s quest, the character can be found in the Misty Forest in the east of the Graveyard. 

In the description of half of the medallion it is written where to look for the missing part – in Fort Farot. It is located in the optional location Dragon Mound. You can get there through Kaelid, but it’s easier – on the Dee quest. 

How to get to the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring: you can defeat the Balrog and even go to jail on purpose

If you defeat the ferryman boss in the flooded village of Zagravelia and return to the Round Table Keep, Dee will introduce the protagonist to Gurrank, the Beast Priest. He will open a portal to the beast temple on a small lake next to the third temple of Marika. The portal will take you to the Dragon Mound, from where you can drive to Fort Farot on Potok.

The fort, which is located in the southern part of the location, has a fire. In the first room there will be bats and sirens attacking with poison. Fighting them in an enclosed space is a serious challenge for a character who just recently defeated Rennalu, so it’s best to run through them. The problem is that the monsters keep attacking on the ladder that leads to the chest with the medallion. Passing this location, I used the cover of mimicry, which makes me invisible to strong enemies. You can also call on spirits that will distract the monsters towards themselves.

Together with two parts of the amulet, you can go to the Dectus lift. You can drive there on your own or use the left portal at the main gate in the Raya Lukaria Academy. You will find yourself at the very beginning of the Altus Plateau, where it is most convenient to start exploring. True, there are very few bonfires in the south of the Plateau, they are mainly concentrated near the capital Leindell.

How to get to the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring: you can defeat the Balrog and even go to jail on purpose

The second option is a huge dungeon and a victory over a snake named Makar

The alternative way to get to the Altus Plateau is much less difficult. You will have to go through an epic adventure in the bowels of a huge mountain, climb through the catacombs and even fight with the local Balrog. Why not Lord of the Rings?

How to get to the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring: you can defeat the Balrog and even go to jail on purpose

The entrance to the cave is located in the Gorge-sheltered village. There are a lot of enemies inside the tunnels, valuable crafting loot and blacksmith stones. Stock up on flasks of mana and health, the enemies here are not very strong, but the only fire is at the exit from the gorge. Getting out into the light, you will encounter bats and the same sirens, but in open space they are much less dangerous than in Fort Farot. In addition, they are much easier to run through or bypass in stealth.

At the end of the adventure, you will fight the Magma Wyrm boss Makar. He is not very difficult, more often you die from laughter over his name. It is enough to stick to its side and jump away from the rivers of lava that it spreads around it. In the second phase, he rises to his hind legs and uses a sword, but leaves enough blind spots for attacks. 

How to get to the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring: you can defeat the Balrog and even go to jail on purpose

The third option for extreme people, you have to go to jail

If fighting monsters or exploring dragon-inhabited lands is not for you, you can always teleport directly to the Altus Plateau. True, you can only move to the prison, which is located in the depths of the volcano. 

To do this, you need to go to the Raya Lukaria Academy and find a pendulum statue. The desired sculpture is located under the spinning wheel-lift. With the help of a capture, the statue will send the player to the legendary dungeon of Vulcan Manor, where the boss Rickard, the lord of heresy, is located.

To find a way out of the dungeon, you will have to go through lava-filled caves and fight the Two Iron Maidens boss. Then you will find yourself in a sub-location of the Altus Plateau, Mount Gelmyre. 

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And how did you get to the Altus Plateau?

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