Grand Theft Auto Online doesn’t feel much expanded and enhanced.

Grand Theft Auto Online is probably the longest AAA level video game I’ve played. I’ve played this game for over 1000 hours since the PlayStation 3 console, and that’s a record for me when it comes to high-budget games. I played this game actively in 2020 and 2021, and I left this game in December 2021, a few months before the release of the next generation update. My goal was to get back to the game with this update excited by Rockstar Games . In the meantime, I would devote time to other games.

In the past weeks, Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V have been released for next-gen consoles, and I downloaded it for PlayStation 5. More precisely, I only downloaded the multiplayer version of the game; I didn’t buy the single player mode. The reason for this was that I did not trust the work done by Rockstar Games . As you know, the company first marketed this next-generation update as “Expanded & Enhanced”, and then this name was gradually retired. Meanwhile, the next-gen update received some delays and my excitement slowly died down.

Grand Theft Auto Online didn't impress me much with its PlayStation 5 version

Grand Theft Auto Online didn’t excite much

However, with a great desire in me, I downloaded the game Grand Theft Auto Online and made my first attempt on the day it was released for PlayStation 5. As a result, when I saw this game, which I experienced as 30 FPS for 1000 hours, as 60 FPS for the first time, I could not feel any excitement inside. Don’t get me wrong, “The human eye can already detect up to 30 FPS.” I’m not one of those people who think that, I always prefer to play a game at 60 FPS, but this game disappointed me so much over time that even 60 FPS support did not excite me. Anyway, there is nothing else to mention in this version.

Except for 60 FPS, Grand Theft Auto Online is said to load faster on new generation consoles, but a 30-60 second loading screen is offered. Even though this game was loaded in 1-2 minutes in the old generation, the loading times of 30-60 seconds belonged to the old generation consoles. Now, new generation games load in under 10 seconds and I expected at least 10-20 seconds of performance from this game. Unfortunately, I was not very satisfied at this point either. Still, at least the support for the PlayStation 5 console’s activity cards was good; Being able to download directly to the gambling hall can speed things up to spin the wheel.

Grand Theft Auto Online didn't impress me much with its PlayStation 5 version

Even ray tracing mod can’t save this game’s visuals

Another thing that can be mentioned after the 60 FPS support and the supposedly fast-loading game is the visuals. Grand Theft Auto Online offers Performance, Performance RT and Fidelity modes on the PlayStation 5 console. Performance offers the game at 60 FPS. Performance RT does the same thing, but additionally increases the resolution of the reflections. Fidelity offers 30 FPS with true 4K resolution. I have experienced all of these mods and frankly, I found Performance RT to be the most suitable. However, even if you experience the Fidelity mode, the game only looks clearer compared to the older generation version of the game.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a video game released in 2013, and even though it has been updated for PlayStation 5, the game’s visuals reveal its age. I thought that real-time ray tracing support might make up for this age a bit, but the result I got, unfortunately, was not like that. I don’t know, maybe I kept my expectations a little high in terms of visuality, but unfortunately I was not satisfied with the visuality offered in the next generation update of this game. Only a few scenes had good lighting, that’s all. So, after all this, what do we have left?

Grand Theft Auto Online didn't impress me much with its PlayStation 5 version

What exactly is expanded and developed?

If Rockstar Games had introduced the next generation update of the Grand Theft Auto Online game as an ordinary update instead of “Expanded & Enhanced”, I would have had no problems with this work, but unfortunately there is nothing “Expanded” in this game. Please don’t bother with the “Expanded” part of the update that the speeds of the cars increase 10-20 mph. The “Enhanced” parts in the update are also ok, but everything is a disappointment in general. Even today, this game manages to sell 5 million units per month and earns millions of dollars, but Rockstar Games cannot show it with in-game support.

I guess that in 2022, the update support of the Grand Theft Auto Online game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles will be discontinued and after 2023, this game will continue on its way only with PC and new generation consoles. While this is the case, the next updates may be richer in content, but there is not much on the “Expanded & Enhanced” side that can show that this game has been fully transitioned to the next generation version. That’s exactly what bothers me anyway, and I guess I won’t be going back to this game from now on; I will continue to wait for the Grand Theft Auto VI game.

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