The new season of the Fortnite game, called Resistance, made its debut with a big surprise.

Epic Games has launched the new season for Fortnite called Resistance . The biggest surprise on the start day of this season was that the construction feature was removed from the standard Battle Royale experience for nine days. It has already been leaked that such an experience will be tested without the construction feature, and it seems that the developer team has chosen the start week of a new season for the testing process. Now, players entering standard Battle Royale matches in this game cannot build any structures using the materials they have collected. Of course, this feature will be back in nine days.

Fortnite temporarily removed its construction feature from the game

Resistance also added the Doctor Who character to the Fortnite game, and countless new characters and character skins were presented to the players on the battle ticket. Of course, some important changes were made on the gameplay side as well. For example, you can now bring an additional shield on top of your shield in the game . At the same time, the base sprint speed has been increased, and on top of that, a sprint feature has been added. Being able to open doors easily while running and some track-based movements also took their place in this game. Meanwhile, the deprecated construction feature continues to exist in competitive and creative game modes.

Before we end our news, we would like to point out another statement from the Epic Games front: According to this company , all revenues from the Fortnite game between March 20, 2022 and April 3, 2022 ; Direct Relief will be donated to parties such as the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations World Food Program and UNHCR – The Un Refugee Agency. In this way, Ukraine will be supported by Epic Games in some way.

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