Babylon’s Fall feels like a very incomplete game.

PlatinumGames has developed beautiful games to date. Nier: Automata and Bayonetta 2 will be the best examples we can give of these games. Nier: Automata, in particular, was highly acclaimed for its core gameplay, and the PlatinumGames front wanted to try improving the same gameplay with multiplayer elements. That’s why a project called Babylon’s Fall was signed. On paper, it’s hard to imagine that such a game could be so unsuccessful; In the end, it was obvious that the gameplay would be solid, but it wasn’t like that at all. This game may be one of the worst games you can experience in 2022.

Babylon’s Fall is based on action and role-playing systems. We play the game from a third-person perspective, and a Hack & Slash-style gameplay can also reveal itself during this time. According to the story, we take control of a Sentinel. Our character has to climb a tower called the Ziggurat. Of course, we don’t really climb this tower; We take the relevant missions from within the Sentinel Force HQ, which is a safe zone. You can meet other players in this safe area and you can shop from the stores. So a classic safe space design is presented.

As you can imagine, Babylon’s Fall is not a shopping simulation. You need certain units to shop from the stores, and for that you have to go on missions. The climbing part of the tower already starts in the missions. You can experience each mission alone or in co-op with up to four people. In addition, in each mission, it is possible to go up 3-4 floors until you reach the top. Of course, at the same time, you also gain new loot and you get stronger with them. When you return to the safe area, it is possible to strengthen those loot even more.

The basic gameplay of Babylon’s Fall is not that different. The more successfully you complete the missions, the more quality loot you earn, and you can access more challenging content with the powers you get from those loot. The loop of the game is constantly progressing in this way. Of course, at the same time, it is possible to experience the game with weapon types in five different categories. Your success in missions is measured by your combo moves, successful escapes, and how fast you kill enemies. However, if you dig even a little deeper into the game, you immediately encounter all the problems.


Babylon’s Fall, although it may look good, it fails to do so

Normally, I talk about the visuals of the games I review at the end, but one of the biggest problems of Babylon’s Fall game, unfortunately, lies in the image it offers. The art design of this game uses an oil painting style, according to the dev team, but it’s actually on a much simpler level: There’s an oil paint filter over the image that is very ineffective and makes everything look much worse. That’s why the game looks so bad almost constantly. You can’t see any details, everything loses its clarity, some parts are very dark and some are very bright. This game is far from an artistic work.

These visual problems manifest themselves not only in gameplay, but also in cinematic scenes. Especially the cinematic scenes you watch at the beginning of the game look even worse than the gameplay moments. Since the details of the environment change, as the game progresses, the cinematic scenes improve a bit, but they never go above an acceptable level. It’s not just visual in general; The overall animations of the characters, the quality of the texture overlays, the environmental details, and much more also feel like they’re from a few generations ago. Babylon’s Fall is a huge disappointment with its visuals.

After fixing your visual problems, it can be a bit difficult to log into the game itself. You can play Babylon’s Fall alone or with other players, but the game usually wants you to have this experience with other people. Single player experiences can often be quite challenging. Playing with other players is almost impossible; no one is playing the game. Also, there is region lock in the player matchmaking system. That is, a player within Europe cannot match a player from another region. Therefore, the number of players, which is already low, is getting even less.

Let’s say you didn’t care about the visuals, and you didn’t have any trouble finding players; That’s when it’s possible to enjoy Babylon’s Fall a bit. If you remember, this game has a lot of traces of Nier: Automata on the basic gameplay side. There are four different types of weapons and shields you can use in the game. These weapon types are divided into long-range, short-range and heavy weapons. Different weapon types unlock different gameplay possibilities and you can actually have unique experiences. Combat and combat mechanics are quite superficial at first, but are constantly getting deeper.


Despite everything, the experience is not very good

After experiencing the different types of weapons and the abilities associated with them, you can decide what your main class will be. By the way, you can freely change weapon types and powers, but you have to spend at least 10 hours in each class to reach a fun point. When the game is over, the modes that should have been opened at the beginning are opened. In power mode, you spend more energy and inflict more damage. In technical mode, you can spend less energy, make fast but weak attacks, and make very powerful finishing attacks. It is very strange that such a feature is turned on at the end of the game, not at the beginning.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock systems such as producing items, and you can affect the type and power of the loot you will get after each mission, both with the items you can produce with that system and the power-ups you can buy later. This makes the “Grind” logic in the game a little lighter. There are also micropayments in the game, but these micropayments are reflected in cosmetic items, not power-ups. Normally, this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but there are hardly any cosmetic items that you can unlock with effort in the game. So the only option seems to be a micropayment shop.

There is also a battle ticket system in Babylon’s Fall game, and when you buy the game, you can have the battle ticket of the first season for free. It looks like you’ll have to pay for battle tickets after that. Normally I don’t like leveling up on battle tickets; many games make it very difficult but that’s not the case with this game. You can level up in a fairly balanced way and unlock new rewards in the battle pass. Unfortunately, everything we can talk about is limited to this much. The game offers no depth at almost all of its points.

Babylon’s Fall doesn’t look like a finished and fun game at all. Yes, the attack moves, combos and escape system in the game are pretty good, but the content built on it is incredibly boring and everything is repetitive. Even the challenge missions in the game are exact copies of each other. The same goes for enemy designs. In addition, the overall progression system in the game is much more complicated than necessary and does not show you what works for what. When the visual problems I mentioned before and more are combined, we come across an unsuccessful video game.

Babylon’s Fall


  • At least there is a demo you can try without paying.
  • Surprisingly, the music was pretty good.


  • The visual quality and the art design make the entire game go downhill.
  • Many content are either exact copies or slightly modified versions of each other.
  • Combat mechanics remain very superficial; The story doesn’t turn out to be interesting either.
  • Except for micropayments, no loot is exciting.

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