The STALKER series rightfully occupies a special place in the hearts of gamers from the CIS: the atmosphere of the shooter resonates in the soul thanks to the native landscapes and the special post-Soviet aesthetics that many of us encounter almost every day. Alas, the developers decided to close sales of the sequel for Russian gamers, but there are always a lot of mods for original games for every taste – from independent stories to “sandboxes” in which you can drown for tens or even hundreds of hours. offers to take a look at the top ten global mods for various parts of STALKER and find something for your soul. For those who did not have time to buy “Shadow of Chernobyl” or “Call of Pripyat”, there are mods that work independently and do not require installed titles.

Mods for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

Lost Alpha

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One of the most famous independent mods, which has been being finalized since 2014. The authors set a goal to bring the “Shadow of Chernobyl” to the state of “the same” STALKER, which GSC Game World showed in the early stages of development. 

Players in Lost Alpha get not only a reworked storyline with cut scenes on the game engine, but also almost three dozen new locations, a redesigned life simulation system, many new enemies, characters, weapons, equipment and much more. Add to this restored vehicles, a system of random emissions, pumping weapons and a full-fledged new faction “Sin” (found, however, in other mods). At the same time, the mod works great without the original game and is distributed completely free of charge – why not return to the vicinity of Pripyat? Separately, it is worth mentioning that after completing the story, the game will offer a full-fledged freeplay with additional quests that open only after the completion of the main story.

Oblivion Lost Remake

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Another mod designed to restore the “same” STALKER sample of 2002-2003. Here, enthusiasts got hold of original design documents, early builds and other files to convey the closest possible atmosphere and plot.

The look of the mod is also close to the original Oblivion Lost builds, with the game itself feeling darker and the levels filled with old mutants and lots of detail. The A-Life system has also undergone a lot of changes compared to the one that got into Shadow of Chernobyl, plus a huge amount of atmospheric ambient has appeared in the locations. Not without transport: the doors and the trunk of the cars open, the wheels are shot through, and the fuel is gradually spent. Plus, old animations, models, anomalies, quests and characters have been restored – up to replacing the shooter with Messer with his own unique model. They didn’t even forget about the notebook that the developers promised – in general, a lot of work has been done. At the same time, the authors of Oblivion Lost Remake are already preparing the third version of the mod, the exact release date of which is not known.


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OGSE, aka Old Good STALKER Evolution, is yet another attempt to bring back the game’s appearance, which was lost during creation. At the same time, OGSE is a reworking of another mod, OGSM

The main change is a much more dangerous Zone: anomalies are practically invisible to the naked eye, and psi emissions have been added to the usual ones, from which you need to hide, including in abandoned armored personnel carriers. In addition, vehicles appeared in the game (and the ability to repair them, including in the field), a system of partners, a lot of new items and other changes like trade balance (not in favor of the player). Of course, the balance has also been changed in general: it has become much more difficult to fight, opponents are no longer displayed on the radar, and the skirmishes themselves have become more difficult. On the other hand, there are fewer opponents to make the Zone seem a little more empty. As a bonus, added small activities like quests, betting on the sweepstakes and the ability to trade with scientists,


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Unlike most mods and the official games themselves, F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F. transports the user to the very first days of exploring the Zone. There are really no laws and groupings, and the whole environment is terra incognita, which is yet to be known.

The player controls a photographer who went to the Zone to shoot a report. The developers have implemented a full-fledged photography mechanic, which is very important for completing the main quest. Interestingly, mutants and anomalies do not yet have names, and it is up to the hero himself to give them. In addition to the main quest, the mod has more than 60 side quests, most of which are issued by characters with their own stories. Well, do not forget about the colossal work of the authors with sound: dozens of stories and songs around the campfire were recorded for the mod, which will differ in each new location. There are, by the way, a dozen and a half, and the transitions between them become available according to the plot. Among the story mods “F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F.” rightfully takes the place of one of the most memorable.

Mods for STALKER: Call of Pripyat


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A new storyline, player class system, over 200 new weapons, improved life simulation, unique NPCs, massively increased difficulty, and completely overhauled graphics – all this and more can be found in Misery, beloved by the mod community. 

In addition, the developers have increased the importance of survival elements – from hunger and thirst to sleep and weapon skills. At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of three classes (scout, attack aircraft or sniper), and the story starts with the “Black Road”: the updated beginning better shows the intricacies of the increased complexity of the game. Not much remains of the original: the developers carefully reproduced the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse and offered a unique experience of survival in an extremely inhospitable environment, which is why it is recommended that only veterans of the original games of the series take on Misery – well, or at least other mods. Diving into this world blindly can be too difficult. But those who feel at home in the Zone will be able to enjoy the game again as if for the first time, when dangers await around every corner, and the world around is still a big mystery,


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A popular global mod that works without the original game. Unlike many other developers, the authors of Anomaly tried to make an excellent base for other add-ons, which at the same time is not inferior in quality to a full-fledged game. 

Anomaly offers a choice of a four-chapter storyline, as well as a full-fledged sandbox with the ability to start the game as several different factions. Plus there is a mode with a war of factions, in which you need to actively fight for territories. Do not forget about the many improvements – from a complete rework of all maps, the weather system and greatly improved stealth, which finally became useful, to live, which not only expanded the life simulation, but also added dynamic anomalies and a full-fledged fame system. The developers have also worked hard “under the hood”: the game has a modified 64-bit engine, the weight has been significantly reduced by removing all unnecessary files, and the graphics have been improved thanks to custom shaders and other innovations. The list of items has been replenished with new detectors like a Geiger counter or a radio receiver, The role of the PDA has grown noticeably, armor and helmets have been considerably reworked… In general, we can talk about the changes in Anomaly for a very long time. But it is better, of course, to try it yourself.

Call of Chernobyl

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An independent “sandbox” that does not require an installed original. 32 maps are available for study – both taken from all three games and beta builds, and original ones. Traditionally, the developers have overhauled the A-Life system and related quests, as well as improved the engine and script system.

At the beginning of the passage, the player creates his own character, choosing a portrait, name, faction and equipment, and then goes on a free voyage. There are several modes to choose from, including story mode, zombie survival, Iron Man, in which the stalker has only one life, and Azazel, where you can move into another character after death. And the developers have also improved interaction with NPCs – from dynamic trading, including online, to the ability to interrogate wounded enemies and send commands to allies by text. And do not forget about realism: mutants can attack camps at night, weapons require a long repair, the hero needs to sleep, artifacts lose their properties over time … As a cherry on the cake – the opportunity to play as zombies.

“The Path in the Dark”

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A mod that relies on a well-developed plot, and not on new mechanics. In the community of fans of the Path in the Dark series, they compare it with the original games in terms of elaboration, among the shortcomings mentioning only the short duration of the storyline.

In Path in the Dark, the player takes control of a rookie stalker who, with a more experienced comrade, is trying to penetrate the Zone and find a legendary artifact. Alas, the fake documents that the adventurers got hold of are quickly revealed, and the military at the cordon put forward conditions: the hero himself must bring a large amount, after which the army team will release his partner. A simple plot actually turns into a decent-sized adventure with non-linear quests, interesting activities and a journey through six locations – both redesigned and created for the game from scratch. Path in the Dark came out almost eight years ago, but is still loved by fans. Everyone especially singles out the city of Kurchatov, specially created for the mod, and Spectrum, a new grouping, clashes with which take place in the second half of the plot. There are also unique animations, weapons,

“Will of chance”

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Perhaps the most famous mod among those that offer to play as a member of the most mysterious group in the series is the Monolith. Tikhon falls under the control of the user, who, by chance, becomes one of the Monoliths.

Actually, the main feature of fashion is the ability to look at events through the eyes of a Monolith. At first, Tikhon himself does not really remember how he ended up in the ranks of the group, and will gradually figure out what happened, completing more than a dozen global quests. By the way, the developers provide for a peaceful passage, which is not so common. It is impossible not to mention that the plot reveals a lot of new things about the Monolith – from the life of the faction to the history of its emergence. The creators of the mod completely redesigned the interface and a number of mechanics, including some unique ones like unusual repair of various items, and were also not too lazy to make cut scenes for the game. Well, as in most cases, the graphics and sound have been significantly improved, as well as new locations have been added, each of which will be explored as part of the story.

dead air

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Another hardcore mod for veterans of the series. The developers have implemented many innovations, including settings for starting conditions and a skill system that allows you to add variety to the gameplay.

Dead Air is a “sandbox” in which at first there is no plot, but in the course of exploring the world, you can stumble upon an adventure with the study of a secret military laboratory, where the developers have hidden a lot of interesting things. And there is also a unique “Last Survivor” mode: in it, people completely disappear in the Zone, the player does not have the usual PDA, and caches become the only way to get hold of something useful. At the same time, a lone stalker will have to establish his own base for storing his acquired belongings in a dangerous world, where the number of mutants has grown significantly. The authors also thoroughly reworked the weapon system: both firearms and hand-to-hand combat turned out to be changed, which was diversified with the help of many new types of weapons like axes, shovels and crowbars. And, of course, Dead Air offers a very tightened visuals, from added fog and reworked weather to reworked old locations. And it should be noted that the world is changing along with the player: prices are gradually rising, and the environment is becoming more dangerous. In general, a great option for those who do not have enough of the usual Zone.


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