Lost Ark: how to choose the right server?

Lost Ark will finally open the doors of its European and American servers on February 11 (or February 8 for those who have acquired a Founder’s Pack). Even before its launch, MMO obliges, the question of the choice of server must be carefully considered.

Whether you’re looking for a well-populated server, with or without wild PvP, mostly French people, or any other criteria, here’s everything you need to know about the European server situation on Lost Ark ahead of its impending launch.

Nine European servers at launch

For its very soon launch, Lost Ark will leave nine servers available to European players, listed as follows:

  • Kadan (PvP – PvX)
  • Trixion (PvX)
  • Neria (PvX)
  • Asta (PvX)
  • Wei (PvX)
  • Calvasus (PvX)
  • Zinnervale (PvX)
  • Thirain (PvX)
  • Slen (PvX)

As you can see, strictly speaking there won’t be any PvE-only servers. However, if you are looking for the thrill of PvP all the time, only Kadan server will fully satisfy you. Because of this, expect this server to be densely populated, while the others should see a more even distribution.

Another crucial point to note: unlike many other MMOs, when Lost Ark is launched there will be no categorization of servers by language. Players from all walks of life in Europe will therefore be able to find themselves mixed on the nine servers present at launch.

Which server for a predominantly French community?

Fortunately, thanks to the data collected during the closed beta held in November and the polls organized on the official forums of the game, a trend has been identified to determine which server will bring together the largest community. © Smilegate

Lost Ark: how to choose the right server?

If you are looking for a predominantly French server, it will therefore be towards the Trixion server that you will have to be directed. The Asta and Neria servers should have a majority of German and Italian respectively, while the Kadan and Zinnervale servers should have English as the majority language.

If you’re looking for the best possible PvP experience, get your English dictionary ready, since Kadan shouldn’t have a large French community. However, if you absolutely want to be able to exchange in the text chat in French, Trixion will be your best (but unofficial) solution.

Armed with all this information, we hope that you can easily find the server that will host your different characters. We hope to see many of you in Arkesia, and more specifically on the Trixion server for our part!

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