Sony Interactive Entertainment had already announced a new State of Play event for Hogwarts Legacy . Now, that event has been held and both a new gameplay video and a new behind-the-scenes footage have been released for the aforementioned game. If you wish, you can watch the first gameplay video of this almost 15-minute gameplay from the top of our news. You can read the new details about the game throughout our news, and you can see the behind-the-scenes footage released at the end. If you wish, let’s not extend the introduction any longer and let’s start talking about the details right away.

The highly anticipated 15-minute gameplay video for Hogwarts Legacy has been released

As it was said before, with Hogwarts Legacy, players will create their own stories. That is, we will not see a written story belonging to this rich universe. For this, first of all, we will need to create our own wizard . Then we’ll be able to start exploring the school of wizardry that everyone knows almost by heart. In the game, there will be items that can be remembered from both movies and books, and we will see items detailed for the first time with this game. Not only the school, but also the mysterious surroundings of this school will be presented to the players as fully discoverable.

While the day and night cycle, seasonal changes and much more will keep the world of Hogwarts Legacy game alive, we will be able to befriend the supporting characters and discover their stories. The game will also feature plenty of open world activities and different game systems. From making potions to learning new spells, many features will have different mechanics as you can see from the gameplay video. We will even have our own safe areas in the game that are fully customizable . It looks like we can use some mounts to explore the world.

Hogwarts Legacy will not feature Harry Potter and many other familiar characters. Players will still be able to feel like this iconic character; our character will also have a certain reputation outside of school, he will be starting school in the fifth grade anyway. The reason for this is a big mystery for now. At school, we won’t know anyone like Harry Potter, and our circle will expand over time. We will be able to feel like a real wizard in this game and the developer team will also offer plenty of difficulty settings to enhance that feeling . So, it will be up to you to make the experience you can get from the game very easy or difficult.

After the gameplay video and the details given outside, it was repeated that the Hogwarts Legacy game would be released in 2022, and this time, it was stated that the holiday period of 2022 was targeted. So, it looks like this game is expected to be released in the last quarter. Also this game; It is planned for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Finally, it is also stated that this game will come for Nintendo Switch, but no details are given about this subject. It is repeated that there will be no micropayment system in the game , and a single-player role-playing game experience will be offered.

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