The game Lost Ark is again at the peak of popularity: although the MMOARPG was released back in 2019. Often inexperienced users ask themselves the question: what are the islands in the Lost Ark and why collect their souls? In this guide, you’ll learn about the rewards available for collecting island spirits and how to get them.

Lost Ark souls of the islands, what is it, How to get it, the best island souls

Lost Ark Guide

The souls of the islands in Lost Ark – what is it?

The islands in Lost Ark are an element of the classic Korean mechanics of “grinding everything you meet along the way.” The island soul rewards are very “delicious” (only the 80 Tortoic Turtle ship model is worth it), but are not mandatory for players who develop the hero exclusively for PvP or mass battles in PvE.

The souls of the islands provide serious bonuses for navigation – contracts, compass boosts, resources for ships, and other useful things. Players who get enough souls will also be able to unlock rare emotes. In this way, the gatherers will be able to demonstrate progress in any corner of the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark souls of the islands, what is it, How to get it, the best island souls
Statue of Givena on Afares Island in Lost Ark

According to the lore of the game, the souls of the islands appeared thanks to the god of the earth Arctus and the goddess of harmony Givena. The latter is also the patroness of sailors, therefore she generously endows everyone who finds the souls of the islands she created. You can get 93 souls in Lost Ark, although there are many more islands in the game: some locations are activated only during seasonal events (for example, it makes sense to go to I’bit’tsu only during the Rhythm of Summer event), while others are completely soulless . Players will receive a reward for every fifth soul discovered.

Lost Ark souls of the islands, what is it, How to get it, the best island souls
Island soul rewards in Lost Ark

The very first is given out upon completion of the starting quest on the tiny island of Afares. It is so small that there is only enough space for the statue of the patroness Givena, two mokokos and the camp of the old caretaker, who became a guide for the seekers. 

How to get island souls in Lost Ark?

Unlocking the first points for the souls of the islands is easy – even those who do not like to grind will enjoy the activity. Some are mined immediately, to unlock others you will need to complete daily tasks for several days. Already for the first five souls, the player receives a bonus to the characteristics of the character. 

Globally, the ways to get the souls of the islands are divided into four types:

  • completion of “purple” quests;
  • increasing reputation (relationships) with characters;
  • purchase for in-game currency;
  • participation in events.

Only characters with a certain level of equipment can get to some islands – in the Lost Ark community, this parameter is usually called GS (from the English. Gear Score), in localization it is listed as “equipment rating”. Most of the islands can be visited by characters from 250 GS, but there are some that can only be accessed with equipment from 1,100 GS.

What are the best island souls in Lost Ark to get first?

You can earn points for the souls of the islands in any order, choosing the most attractive tasks. Initially, it is best to focus on simple quests. “Purple” quests can be obtained from NPCs in the game, and they are called so because of the corresponding selection in the list.

Lost Ark souls of the islands, what is it, How to get it, the best island souls
Lore and in-game hints about the souls of the islands in Lost Ark

The first ten “easy” points can be earned on the following islands:

  • Big Glacier (you need to finish the Ardetain storyline and visit the Paradise Waves cruise ship, and then complete the “purple” quest).
  • Gravis Resort (you need to complete the “purple” quest, which is taken from the NPC named Avenue Club Manager on the island of the same name).
  • Bikini Island (the soul can be obtained for completing the quest “Live in the sun”, it is taken in Stern).
  • Outcast Island (you can get to the island after completing a reputation quest from NPC Burdyks from Goblin Island, after which the soul can be obtained for the “purple” quest).
  • Matus Island (you need to gain 200 courage and complete the “purple” quest).
  • Isle of Mists (you must complete all the usual tasks on the island, including six hidden ones, after which access to the “purple” quest will open).
  • Echo Island (Soul can be obtained after completing all the hidden tasks on the island).
  • Naruni Island (you need to catch 101 Naruni).
  • Island of Peace (you need to complete the chain of “purple” quests on the island).
  • Gull Island (the soul can be obtained for completing the “purple” quest).

After getting ten souls of the islands, you can decide whether you like this activity or not. Be careful: some islands have rules for PvP zones, so it can be dangerous to be there. When completing tasks, do not forget to return to Afares: rewards for souls are issued only by the old caretaker under the supervision of the statue of Givena.

Lost Ark has an in-game encyclopedia that will help beginners quickly navigate the game. It will not be possible to get answers to tricky questions in it, but even a simple description of each island will be a good hint – often clues are encrypted in the description of the lore of the island, thanks to which it will be easier to get to his soul. 

Global map in Lost Ark – all islands are located in zones with an ocean

Always read the in-game encyclopedia and browse through the already unlocked collection of islands! Tips will help you quickly navigate in space, and this, in turn, will save time. When traveling from one island to another, try to build the path in the most logical way: nearby islands with simple soul quests should be explored first.

Pirate doubloons in Lost Ark – how they are connected with the souls of the islands

Doubloons are required to obtain some souls of the islands. The necessary in-game currency can be earned by participating in local events, which are rewarded with coins of Givena, Kratos, Arctus and the Ancients. You can exchange them with merchant ship NPCs that are always at the port for pirate doubloons. For one event, you will earn 50-200 coins from locations, which are exchanged at a pleasant rate:

  • Givena coin – 10 pirate doubloons;
  • Kratos coin – 12 pirate doubloons;
  • Arctus coin – 15 pirate doubloons;
  • Ancient Coin – 17 pirate doubloons.

Some souls of the islands in Lost Ark are simply redeemed. For example, to get the soul of the island of Frozen Hearts, you will need to go to the slave market, each of the involuntary will cost you from 300 to 1,800 doubloons. For the release of a ransomed slave, with some chance you will receive a chest from which (with an even smaller chance, the great Korean random in action!) The soul of the island can fall out. You will need a lot of doubloons. For example, the soul of Liberty Island can be bought from NPC Rosa for 60,000 coins. Another catch: this merchant appears at random times.

Collecting the souls of the islands is an interesting activity for those who enjoy collecting in video games in general, as well as sailing in Lost Ark in particular. Getting points for Givena not only fills wandering around the game world with meaning and a well-defined ultimate goal, but also allows (albeit quite a bit) to strengthen the hero. However, there is also an element of routine in this, so the mechanics will surely appeal to people who farmed “question questions” on Skellige in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Lost Ark Guide

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