In Elden Ring, it is possible to be reborn. That is to say: reallocate all the characteristic points accumulated since the beginning. How it works ?

Unlike most RPGs, Elden Ring doesn’t lock you into a class . Throughout the progression, it is possible to distribute characteristic points in order, for example, not to remain a warrior throughout the game.

Better still, you can be reborn in Elden Ring , that is to say, reset your heroine or hero to test another equipment and change your style of play. We explain to you how Rebirth works in the game and, above all, how benefit.

Can you be reborn in Elden Ring?

What is Rebirth in Elden Ring for?

In Elden Ring , progression is as follows: you earn Runes , which you can then spend to gain levels and, above all, characteristic points. Traits allow you to specialize. Thus, anyone who wants to use powerful spells will have every interest in increasing their Spirit and Intelligence.

However, nothing is set in stone. Unlike other RPGs, you can start from scratch in Elden Ring. Are you tired of being a magician? There is a way to be reborn, in order to reset its characteristics to redistribute all the points accumulated so far. This opportunity is called the Renaissance and, of course, is not accessible right away.

How do I access Rebirth in Elden Ring?

Rebirth is tied to an — optional — Elden Ring boss: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. She is in the second area of ​​the game, Liurnia, where there is an Academy in the middle of a lake. To access the Renaissance, you must therefore beat Rennala by going to the Academy (you will need a special key, to be recovered by beating a dragon).

The Academy takes the form of a dungeon filled with enemies (they mostly use magic). Just move forward until you come across Rennala, who is patiently waiting in a library. Be careful, this boss has two phases. The first is very simple: Rennala is protected by followers to identify, knowing that there are few attacks to dodge. The second is a real confrontation, Rennala will then use spells and invocations (watch out for the dragon) to defend herself.

 Elden Ring

Once defeated, Rennala will offer you her Major Rune, soberly called Major Rune of the Unborn Child. According to its description, it makes it possible to perfect the rebirth.

How does rebirth work?

To reset your character in Elden Ring , you have to go to Rennala, who is waiting for the time to pass in the Great Library of Raya Lucaria (good point: there is a Site of Grace to teleport to the room right away).

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Note that you must consume an object to be reborn: the Larval Tear. Several can be obtained in the game (by exploring or at certain merchants), but it is not an unlimited use consumable. Therefore, if you want to activate the rebirth, think carefully so as not to spoil too much. For each Larval Tear consumed, you can be reborn once.

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 Elden Ring

Concretely, Rebirth allows you to return to the base level of your class so that you can reallocate all the points you have earned. Be careful, you will not be able to change class and you will not be able to go below the threshold of the basic attributes of the said class (example: a Confessor cannot have less than 14 Faith points). These limits are not very important if you have a high level. When you have several dozen points to distribute, you can transform a warrior specialist in body-in-body into a wizard more skilled at a distance.

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