Here’s everything you need to know about evolving cards in NBA 2K22.

One of the most popular content of the NBA 2K22 game, MyTEAM has a very interesting system . The name of this system is Evolution Card, and it offers you player cards that can evolve in the simplest way possible. Each Evolution Card in MyTEAM is presented to the players with their own goals. When these goals are completed, the card improves itself and gains new goals. In this way, you can pass the card to the highest level. Anyway, Evolution Card can mean a card that can evolve, if you think about it in Turkish. In this guide, we will talk about how evolutions can be realized .

NBA 2K22: What is the Evolution Card in MyTEAM and how to get it?

What is the Evolution Card in NBA 2K22 and how to strengthen it?

After entering the game mode called MyTEAM in the NBA 2K22 game, you can see the progress of your cards from the Card Evolution menu that appears. In the left menu you can see the cards themselves, you can check the required score for each card, and in the right menu you can track both powers and badges. So, you can see every necessary information about evolving cards on Card Evolution. So how do you get these special and valuable cards? In short, we can say that you can win these cards from card packages, prizes and auction feature. In the Awards section, you can head to the content named Domination.

In order to get cards that can evolve, you have to reach the top by playing on the highest difficulty level in the game mode called Domination. Once again, you can turn to the Triple Threat content in MyTEAM to have these special cards. After obtaining the cards, you will also need to customize them. Each time the cards evolve, you can identify the next badge, which actually gives you a serious boost. You can have more advantages and extra power on these cards. If you wish, you can also see these cards in the table below.

First NameAverage PowerAward Type
Darryl Dawkins93Collector’s Reward
Slick Watts90Collector’s Reward
Dee Brown90Triple Threat Offline Reward
Channing Frye88Collector’s Reward
Derrick White85Dominion Reward
Monte Morris85Dominion Reward
Derrick Jones Jr.85Triple Threat Offline Reward
Matt Bonner85Dominion Reward
Mike Miller85Dominion Reward
Miles Bridges85Dominion Reward
Jim Jackson85Dominion Reward
Daniel Gibson85Dominion Reward
Harrison Barnes85Dominion Reward
Chris Boucher85Dominion Reward
Mason Plumlee85Dominion Reward
Maurice Luke85Dominion Reward
Charles Oakley85Dominion Reward
Reggie80Dominion Reward
Tyresse Maxey80Dominion Reward
Randy Wittman80Dominion Reward
James Edwards80Dominion Reward
Matt Burnes80Dominion Reward
Jaden McDaniels80Dominion Reward
Maxi Kleber80Dominion Reward
Jeremy Lamb80Dominion Reward
Jordan Poole80Dominion Reward
Mario Elite80Dominion Reward
Olyeka Onkugwo80Dominion Reward
Jamario Moon80Dominion Reward
Zion Williamson80Starter Reward
Donnovan Mitchell80Starter Reward
Jason Tatum80Starter Reward
Nikola Jokic80Starter Reward

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