In NBA 2K22, you can have the most perfect character through MyPLAYER.

There are different contents that you can experience in the NBA 2K22 game . One of them is MyPLAYER. Through this content, you can create your own basketball player and you can progress with him in different game modes. However, deep systems can be found in MyPLAYER and players can get lost in confusion while creating and developing their own characters. In order to minimize this situation, we wanted to prepare a small tip and tactical article for you. If you wish, let’s start talking about MyPLAYER in more detail now, sir.

NBA 2K22: top tips and tactics for MyPLAYER

What should be considered in the MyPLAYER contents in the NBA 2K22 game?

While creating your own player through MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22, you will first make some critical choices. The first of these choices will come from information such as both your position and height. Only one position stood out in the NBA 2K21 game, but thanks to the balancing made, all positions in this new video game can bring success. Therefore, you can move forward with the position where you can be effective for yourself. However, when choosing your height or something, you should fill in this information considering basketball players. So, if you’re actually short, we don’t recommend bringing that into the game. 6.2 Feet or 6.3 Feet is ideal in our opinion.

When choosing a position for your basketball player, consider your own playing style and choose the position that best fits your playing style. Stay away from positions where you can show your weak points and work hard on strength points. For example, if you want to add the Pro Dunk Package feature to your character, your Diving Dunk strength should potentially be 84. Consider this type of information when creating your player on MyPLAYER. If you lower your potential from the very beginning, you may have created a character you never wanted.

When you enter MyCAREER mode via MyPLAYER, do not rush to switch to the NBA side; take part in all amateur leagues and start your experience from the bottom. Definitely play College, G League and much more. In this way, you will be able to develop your player in a healthier and faster way, and you will be able to earn more VC. Above all, don’t forget to get the Gym Rat item as your badge. Thanks to Gym Rat, your most important powers in the game are rising and this, in our opinion, should be in every player’s badge collection. If you consider all these tips and tactics, you can have the best character.

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