If you are looking for cheap yet talented players to hire for your team, you are at the right place.

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend in FIFA 22, making moves to bring in players on loan can help strengthen your squad, especially in the short term. Especially in leagues with high-level teams, hiring the right people can be the difference between having a chance against very strong teams and fighting in the lower half of the standings. In this guide we have prepared for you, we will examine where you can find players on loan and the best potential players on loan in the career mode of FIFA 22. This way, you’ll be able to see the best players you can hire .


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Arnau Tenas (Goalkeeper, 67)

  • Team: FC Barcelona
  • Age: 20
  • Salary: £19,000
  • Value: £2.5 Million
  • Notable Features: 69 GK Handling, 68 GK Kicking and 66 GK Positioning

Arnau Tenas has been shown on loan from the start of the career mode in FIFA 22, and thanks to an overall rating of 67, the Spanish goalkeeper instantly becomes the best player on loan. Still a very raw goalkeeper skill, this player’s height, jumping and reflexes make up for his low average. Last season, Arnau Tenas made several appearances on the bench for his team’s main roster, but was never able to take the field. Regardless, he has plenty of time and has the potential to play as Spain’s first choice under-21 goalkeeper to start this season.

Benat Prados (Midfielder, 66)

  • Team: Athletic Club Bilbao
  • Age: 20
  • Salary: £6,200
  • Value: £2.2 Million
  • Notable Features: 75 Agility, 74 Balance, 73 Ball Control

The young goalkeeper just above has a better overall rating, but when it comes to usability, we have Benat Prados, a 66-rated central midfielder who could be the best loaner in FIFA 22 game. Already a midfielder, this player’s agility of 75, balance of 74, ball control of 73, shooting power of 72 and composure of 71 can be very useful. A part of the national under-20 team, Benat Prados spends most of his time with the reserve squad.

Alessandro Plizzari (Goalkeeper, 66)

  • Team: AC Milan
  • Age: 21
  • Salary: £5,600
  • Value: £2.2 Million
  • Notable Features: 72 GK Reflexes, 68 GK Handling, 68 GK Diving

With an overall rating of 66, Alessandro Plizzari is a good young goalkeeper to bring on loan. The 21-year-old Italian may not be very good at distributing the ball, but he makes up for it with 72 points of reflex, 68 points of control, 68 dives and 63 jumps. Having just produced and lost the next star in goalkeeping, Gianluigi Donnarumma, fans naturally look to AC Milan’s youth standings for the clear next best candidate.

Folarin Balogun (Forward, 64)

  • Team: Arsenal
  • Age: 20
  • Salary: £14,500
  • Value: £1.8 Million
  • Notable Features: 76 Acceleration, 72 Sprint Speed, 72 Agility

Many managers looking to borrow their skills will be on the hunt for a forward and often a super backup. Folarin Balogun could be that punching striker you want to hire. This player’s overall average of 64 and his relatively short stature are irrelevant; what matters is 76 lethal acceleration, 72 sprint speed, 72 agility, 67 finishing and 66 attacking positions. However, his salary is also quite high. Unlike players with a higher overall rating on this list, Folarin played in the first team of Balogun’s club. In fact, at the time of his nine appearances for Arsenal, the New York City-born striker has already scored two goals and is currently with England’s under-21 team.

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