This error in FIFA 22 can be very frustrating, but we can offer a solution for you.

There is a problem in FIFA 22 that is bothering many players right now. Within this problem, the game does not save the controller settings. Therefore, every time you open the game or leave the settings tab, the settings you have made are reset. One of the first things you’ll most likely do when you start the game is to change the game controller settings to something you prefer. But unfortunately, according to multiple reports, FIFA 22 does not save settings. If you are looking for a solution for this problem, here is everything you need to know.

Multiple players have mentioned this issue on the official forums . It can get very frustrating if your controller settings keep resetting/returning to default settings every time you try to play this video game. For example, a player states that he wants to use the old defense settings, but the game continues to change them back to the default tactic. Especially on the PC side, even players who use keyboard and mouse encounter similar problems. This error was also occurring in FIFA 21 before, and the community manager offers a solution.


To solve the problems of not being able to save controller settings in FIFA 22,first go to the customization menu, delete your profile, and then delete everything except the career mode save file. Then check if the issue still persists. Gamers report that the issue is not resolved even when you do this. You can also try reinstalling the mentioned video game, updating the game itself, resetting the game controller, rebuilding the database on game consoles, using a different game controller, but players report that these do not offer a clear solution.

Still, some players suggested some solutions for FIFA 22 that might work. For example, when you start a friendly match on the PlayStation 5 console and you need to make a choice at home or away, select the game controller customization option that you will see on the screen. This is where you need to update the settings; Doing so may fix controller settings in FIFA 22 not saving. So, instead of the official settings tab, it looks like you should use the mini-settings tab in the intro to the game. A player on the Xbox Series X side states that this problem occurs when more than 1 game controller is used.

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