Knowing how to control the goalkeepers in FIFA 22 is a very critical point.

The last point you can defend in FIFA 22 will be your goalkeeper . Whether you’re playing against a very challenging AI or against real players, it’s essential that you know how to control your goalkeeper in modern games of the FIFA series. Therefore, in this new guide we have prepared for you, we will first talk about how you can control the goalkeepers. During the game, we will provide you with every control related to the goalkeeper. And then we’ll give you a little tip about penalty recovery. Penalty recovery in FIFA 22 is often based on luck, but there are still a few things to consider .


How to control goalkeepers in FIFA 22 game?

In a video game like FIFA 22, goalkeepers are the last line of defense protecting the goal. In this video game, we explain how to control the goalkeeper and how to save at the last second with the AI ​​override user skill. One of the best control changes this gaming brand has made in recent years has been to control the goalkeeper; you have an ingenious move that can completely change a game. There are many situations where this move can give you a competitive advantage when playing a competitive match. In old games, players could only press one button, causing the goalkeeper to either go off the line or stay in his goal. But now goalkeepers can be controlled in more detail.

ActionPlayStation 4/5Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
Being a GoalkeeperTouch KeyView Key
Dropping the BallTriangleY
Centering the BallapartmentB or X
hand shotTimesA
Getting the BallR1RB
Guided Hand ShootingR1 + CrossRB + A
Guided Medium ShotR1 + SquareRB + X
Moving the GoalkeeperPress and hold R3, move with R.Press and hold R3, move with R.
Goalkeeper Protects Far PostPress and hold the R3 key.Press and hold the R3 key.

How are penalties saved?

The most basic thing you need to do to save a penalty in FIFA 22 is to understand where the player who will shoot the penalty is looking at. In this video game, the player in front of you turns his head wherever he wants to shoot. You have to notice it and jump towards it. It doesn’t matter when you move the L3 key, as you move the L3 key to the left or right of the castle to aim at any point. The person who will take the penalty kick moves his head and a head animation is performed for the person who will take the penalty kick. Move the L3 key towards where the player is looking and if you aim at the top corners, your recovery of the penalty kicker’s shots will be maximized.

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