It’s about time that unusual feats began to emerge among the community of FromSoftware’s new game. This time the stunt was killing one of the bosses using an item that normally only serves to light up dark areas. Elden Ring:

 Elden Ring: Player can defeat Radahn using only a torch

While part of Elden Ring players is engaged in  speedruns , another part is trying to perform unlikely feats to make history. This is the case of youtuber and streamer  ZeroLenny , whose goal is to complete the game  using only a torch as a weapon. Yes, the torch, the item that normally only serves to illuminate dark areas.

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Zeroing Elden Ring with just a torch: ZeroLenny’s goal

This crazy idea came to the youtuber after trying to kill Radahn with the torch just for fun. After he actually managed to do that, he made it his goal to zero Elden Ring with just that item as a weapon.

The torch does in fact deal a small amount of damage, so in theory it’s plausible to end the game using it as a weapon. We don’t know how the player is distributing their attribute points , but regardless of the build we believe the damage remains minimal. What makes it even more difficult is that to deal damage you have to be very close to enemies to deal damage, which makes everything even more complicated.

Training certainly takes time – ZeroLenny trained a good four hours before he was able to defeat him.

For the challenge imposed by him, the number of kills and time spent don’t matter, and he won’t include the optional bosses, being limited only to the game’s main storyline and mandatory bosses. Despite not including as many limitations or having extra content, his goal is still unusual and we will follow his path in this feat.

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