Want to know how big is FromSoftware’s open world game? See the map with each missing grace point, ruins and other points of interest, including the underground

Elden Ring may not have the biggest open world ever made, but it probably has one of the densest and most organic. The elements present feel natural rather than just scattered around to give the player things to do. It’s a permanent invitation to explore, and we even find ourselves a little confused by the sheer amount of things to do and discover around us. Those who prefer slightly more accessible and linear games won’t necessarily like it, but explorers and adventurers at heart will love it.

After unlocking the map, we collected all its fragments (including those from the secret areas) to finally have an overview of the continent. It’s always a surprise to discover that an underground region is hidden beneath the one we just explored. Navigation between underground areas is not linear, and exploring every nook and cranny is very difficult.

Elden Ring Tips and Guide

Map of the Middle Earths (surface)

Grace Points are a little blurry at this scale, but they help to visualize the areas actually visited, not just mountains or completely inaccessible oceans. Click on the map to zoom.

 Full Elden Ring map: all regions and underground areas
Surface map of the Elden Ring Midlands

Map of the Middle Earths (underground)

Importantly, this map does not include catacombs, caves and other underground dungeons. In this representation there are only large areas considered regions, which therefore have their own map. Click on the image to enlarge.

 Full Elden Ring map: all regions and underground areas
Underground map of the Elden Ring Midlands

Elden Ring Tips and Guide

The heads of each region

Each area has its particularities, whether items, enemies, relief, landscape, etc. Naturally, each one brings its own bosses and mini-bosses. Here are four of the main ones:

  • Limgrave – Veiled Castle: Godrick the Grafted
  • Liurnia – Academia: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Caelid – Castle of the Red Mane: Star Scourge Radahn
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital: Morgott, the Omen King

Conceptual art

Finally, it’s fun to compare the game’s map with the concept art that was leaked a few months ago and that was certainly drawn much earlier during development. It is quite similar, and in fact we can find the main elements present in the image.

 Full Elden Ring map: all regions and underground areas

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