How to unlock the first mount in Horizon Forbidden West

It doesn’t take long after the start of the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel for Aloy to get a means of transport faster than her own legs – check out the guide to start the game in style

Horizon Forbidden West improves on almost every aspect of the Horizon Zero Dawn formula, including the conversion subsystem, an important mechanic if you want to effectively defeat large groups of machines, but also climb onto mounts that will make your travels much easier. In this guide aimed at those who are early in the game, we will simply tell you where to find your first mount in the Outlands of the Forbidden West .

Ram site

If you want to speed up your exploration by riding a machine, from the moment you are free to explore the open world, just go to the place indicated on the map below, in the Ram Area. At first you will probably only see a question mark on your map in the surroundings. The simplest way to get to the first location of Aríetes is to leave the village via the southern access.

Just like in the first game, just sneak up on a machine to start the conversion process and that’s it, you’ve got your first mount in Horizon Forbidden West.

Get smart with the conversion mechanics

As with the first Horizon, the entire bestiary in the game is convertible and there is a dedicated talent tree that will delve deeper into this skill subsystem of Aloy’s fan. Often the improvements will be related to a change in the behavior of a machine so that it works in your favor, but some of them can also be used as additional supports.

Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game is the continuation of Aloy’s adventure in a post-apocalyptic future in which humanity has returned to a tribal organization mode, but with advanced technology. This time the heroine travels to the Forbidden West with a troupe to discover the origin of a plague that kills everything it infects. As a novelty, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn brings new ecosystems, aquatic environments, new enemies, weapons and tools.

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