Golden Seeds are used to increase the amount of health and mana vials in Elden Ring. See the map locations guide where the golden trees with the seeds are located

Elden Ring has several essential items, one of which is the Golden Seed. With it, it is possible to increase the amount of Tear Flasks carried. As long as you don’t get killed with a single boss combo, flasks allow you to recover health to stay in battle. In the case of mages, it is also vital to have some potions to recover FP.

The world of the Midlands is large and the trees that have Golden Seeds are easy to miss. The guide below has the location of several seeds. You’ll need to find the map fragments for easier orientation. The maximum number of Tear Vials carried is 14.

Golden Seed in Elden Ring: Where to Find It and How to Use It
Golden Seed is the item needed to level up the number of Flasks in Elden Ring

General information about Golden Seeds

  • To level up, just sit in a Free Place, select the “flasks” option and then “add charge to the bottle”.
  • Only one seed is needed for the first few upgrades, but it will quickly increase to two, then three, and so on. In the end, you will need six seeds for the 14th and final jar .
  • There are far more Golden Seeds available than you need to max Flasks. So don’t feel bad about not finding some seeds.
  • You can consider that there is one Golden Seed per map piece, on average, outside the capital, which has a lot more. Looking for it right after finding the map of a new location is a good idea.
  • Each major region dungeon also includes a Golden Seed.
  • Don’t forget that you can distribute your vials between those of the healing/HP type (red) and those of the mana/FP type (blue) in a Place of Grace.

Golden Seeds in Limgrave

west of limgrave

A Golden Seed is found on the way to Veiltemples Castle.

You have to complete Roderika’s questline by talking to her in the Cabin on Storm Hill, so go get the requested item in the Stormveil Castle, under a hanging corpse.

Another seed is in the Tomb of the Outskirts Hero boss, accessible by activating the gargoyle statue with a Stone Sword Key. This is a relatively high level area, considering it’s very early in the game.

East of Limgrave

Peninsula of Tears

Tempesveu Castle

A Rotting Root mini-boss can be found in the basement of the castle.

Golden Seed in Siofra River

Golden seeds in Liurnia dos Lagos

west of liurnia

north of liurnia

Raya Lucaria’s Academy

Golden Seed in Ainsel River

Note : This Golden Seed can only be obtained late in the game. It is accessed from the third underground region, traversing the entire area and entering the buildings.

Golden Seed in Caelid

Golden Seed in Greyoll’s Dragon Rift

Golden Seed on Altus Plateau

Golden Seeds in Leyndell, Royal Capital

The main trees drop two seeds each, and there are three in a relatively small area. It’s an interesting place to stock up on seeds quickly.

Be careful, the next seed is on a mini-boss present in the area, a giant corrupted root. Get ready for a tough fight.

Golden Seeds at Mount Gelmir

Golden Seeds in Giant’s Mountain

west of the mountain

east of the mountain

The Golden Seed is in the boss in the Mountain Catacombs.

Consecrated Snow Field

Golden Seed in Farum Azula Ruin

You can only freely reach the area via a certain teleporter in Liurnia in the area of ​​the four bell towers to the west, but you only have access to one corner of the area. The only alternative is to progress through the main story to a certain point of no return.

Mohgwyn’s Palace

Other Golden Seeds

  • The first Golden Seed can be obtained elsewhere than at the foot of a tree, as it can simply be selected as a starting souvenir.
  • Complete Roderika’s quest in Veiled Castle to find a Golden Seed in the hut where she was previously.
  • Rotting Root, a boss found in certain dungeons, gives Golden Seed.

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