Blocked Paths in Horizon Forbidden West: How to Open Them, Rewards

The new game in the Aloy saga features a series of secret areas blocked off by inaccessible paths. In this guide, we will look at the three types of blocks and how to make way for more and more resources

The curious looking to find out what the question marks are in Horizon Forbidden West will find, again and again, blocked paths, indicated by a different icon on the game’s map. Opening them requires returning to them later in your adventure, after acquiring a special device that allows Aloy to reach new locations.

The three types of blocked paths and how to open them

Please note that the world map will be updated each time you unlock a new tool needed to fully explore it . So when you get all three types of unlockers, there should no longer be any blocked path icons in the interface.

  • Fire Flowers: To go through them you will get a tool during one of the first missions of the game. It’s basically a sword that Aloy sticks into the red formations and makes them explode, clearing the passage.
  • Underwater Cave: To enter these underwater areas you need to have the Respirator, completing a story quest.
  • Silver Flowers: To pass through the Silver Flowers it is necessary to finish the story.

In short, you just need to follow the course of the main story to unlock the devices needed to access the caves and the treasures hidden behind each device and cave. All of these missions take place in the second third of the story, after 10-15 hours of gameplay for those who are only focusing on the plot.

Blocked Paths in Horizon Forbidden West: How to Open Them, Rewards

And what are the rewards?

It’s a little disappointing, but the vast majority of these inaccessible paths only lead to simple chests containing more or less rare or green rarity resources in good quantities. Better than nothing, of course, but after making these areas inaccessible for hours of gameplay, we were expecting a little more immersive content. Unless you decide to upgrade every weapon and armor in the game, we advise you not to waste time on these additional points: the game is already full of these treasures .

Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game is the continuation of Aloy’s adventure in a post-apocalyptic future in which humanity has returned to a tribal organization mode, but with advanced technology. This time the heroine travels to the Forbidden West with a troupe to discover the origin of a plague that kills everything it infects. As a novelty, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn brings new ecosystems, aquatic environments, new enemies, weapons and tools.

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