Armor in Elden Ring: all about defense, weight and generalities

Elden Ring: Discover all the information about armor sets in FromSoftware’s open world, with this guide detailing their stats, resistances, damage reduction, weight, and position. We also give you a preview of your appearance.

As in other games in the Souls series, armor is very important in Elden Ring , your survival often actively depends on what you wear. And most importantly, your appearance too! Anyone who hasn’t played Dark Souls seriously may not know how important fashion is, after all, having a stylish character is true high-end content for some.

This guide focuses on bringing you the main information about Elden Ring armors, what their attributes are, their importance for the different types of combat you can encounter, etc.

 Armor in Elden Ring: all about defense, weight and generalities

General information about armor in Elden Ring

Your character can equip four pieces of armor in total, one in each of the following slots: head, torso, hands, and legs. We’re not going to talk about weapons, shields, or talismans here. For that, check out our complete Elden Ring weapons guide .

Each piece of armor has 13 attributes:

  • Eight for resistances to different types of damage : Physical, vs. Crushing, Cutting, Piercing, Magical, Fiery, Lightning, Holy
  • Five for condition resistances : Immunity, Toughness, Matte, Vitality, Balance

And, in addition to these points, there is also the weight of armor, which influences the character’s total load. You can find out more details about these weight elements and character attributes in our dedicated article:

  • Each piece of armor has a unique appearance, displayed on your character. You can use an entire armor set for a consistent, unified look, but you’re also free to mix up sets for different bonuses or an original look.
  • Elden Ring doesn’t seem to transition into the gender-restricted armor set system. Its appearance changes slightly depending on the character’s gender, but not as drastically as in a Monster Hunter, for example.
  • Armor doesn’t have durability in Elden Ring, you don’t need to repair it.
  • Each class starts with a different armor, this can influence your choice, depending on how difficult it is to get your hands on in the game. Take the opportunity to check out our guide with all the Elden Ring classes .

What is the best armor in Elden Ring?

Considering FromSoftware’s track record: there is no single best armor. At best, we can offer a plural answer. For example, the best armor against fire damage, or lightning damage, etc. We can also list the best armor in a given weight category, or with the best stat to weight ratio. In short, it’s complicated and should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis for your character and your situation.

It is clear that some sets and pieces have higher attributes than others, but ultimately the player will need to identify what they need for a situation and/or find a general combination that will work for most confrontations. Or just care about the aesthetic part, which is very valid too.

Elden Ring is the newest member of the FromSoftware family, the same developer of games like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The game takes place in the Midlands, a place that was once a beautiful and thriving kingdom, but today is a desolate land full of undead and freaks. The player embodies the Tainted, who must restore the Pristine Ring. In matters of success, the game broke the record for simultaneous players on Steam  between games from the developer.

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