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Elden Ring, which will be released on February 25th, is a new action RPG from From Software that already has a lot of fans in Dark Souls, etc. As the direction of the Elden Ring was clearly grasped before release through the closed beta network test preview , the final preview of the official product version , and the interview with the producer, it was a natural result that gamers had their eyes set on this year’s anticipated work early. , the final appearance also did not betray expectations. In our review of Elden Ring, we said, “I’ve never met a title that has this level of depth of adventure, combat, and RPG elements, and it will definitely be a gem for a lot of players.” Let ‘s check our review for more details .

The Elden Ring: Collectors’ Edition, presented at the same time as the game’s release date, was filled with configurations that players who were satisfied with after actually playing the Elden Ring would want to have more. In particular, Malenia – Michela’s sword statue figure will feel special to players who have met Malenia in the game. IGN was given the opportunity to rent the Collector’s Edition before its release with the cooperation of Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea, so I would like to take a look at the composition of the Collector’s Edition with photos.

The Collector’s Edition is opened from above and the contents are taken out, and to protect the box, the cover with the contents of the game covers the outside. Except for the part where the model is marked, the overall cover design is the same, and the contents are also printed with the same contents as those included in the disc package.

Elfringers – Cover Photo

The contents of the Collector’s Edition are again composed of two cases, and the first small case you see contains the main game package, a 40-page hard cover art book, a digital soundtrack coupon-type card, and a steel book (iron disc case). is included. The content of the art book is the same as the digital art book that can be obtained by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition, and consists of five chapters: Field/Character/Weapon/Enemy/Demigod. The soundtrack is downloaded by entering a coupon code. Sekiro: You can enjoy 67 tracks featuring various artists including Shoi Miyazawa, familiar with from software game fans such as Shadow Die Twice, and Yoshimi Kudo, familiar with Dragon’s Crown and 13th Cavalry Defense. can

Next, in the large case, there is a statue of Malenia, one of the demon gods that appear in the game, and the sword parts are combined with the left hand. The case itself is configured to open on both sides, and a simple diorama display using the background inside the case creates a good atmosphere. Since the stage of the image in the case is not the area encountered in the game, but the Caylide field where Radan was fought in the trailer, it is also a composition that does not become a spoiler.

Elden Ring

As for the overall impression of the Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition, except for the steelbook and the statue figure, it is important to see how attractive these two configurations are. I felt it was a collection that I would want to own the more. Many of you may already know that you will fight Malenia in the game through the pre-release overview trailer, but the pose of that statue figure is what Malenia shows the player before the battle, and personally, after this pose, Malenia’s attack As I experienced it directly in the game, the impression of the figure looked different from before I experienced it.

Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

The Elden Ring was released on February 25th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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