Red Dead Redemption 3 | Major online store lists game release date

Will Red Dead Redemption 3 be released in 2026? A retailer listed the game and pointed out this date!

Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece – one of the best franchises Rockstar Games has ever made in its entire existence. Recently, a retailer listed a possible release date for the game’s third sequel, and it’s in the possible distant future if that ever comes true

The Instant Gaming website recently made a listing of the third version of the game and incredibly they already put a release date, indicating that the game could be released in a few years, in 2026 .

The only true information about the game is that it is being developed, as in all Take Two shareholder conferences , which point out that classic and current series will continue to receive new titles.

Red Dead Redemption 3 | Major online store lists game release date

On the website you can see that Red Dead Redemption 3 is listed for 2026, which is kind of unlikely, since GTA 6 should be out around 2023 to 2024 , so we wouldn’t have another Rockstar AAA (triple a) game being released on a short period of time.

Instant  Gaming  is a safe store, however, we don’t know the real reason an unannounced game is on the site. Most likely, the store is preparing  SEO ground,  creating the page to stand out in  Google searches .

All in all, the third game in the Red Dead franchise has been in development for quite some time, however, this is all we can confirm with complete certainty.

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