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Today we will show you how to unlock ships in Lost Ark, if you follow our step-by-step instructions you will not encounter any difficulties.

We have compiled for you how to unlock the Lost Ark ship. The new MMO is a game that offers its players an endless map with many continents in it. The game’s designers have made sure that players cannot easily reach these Continents. First you will have to cross huge sea areas. The game allows players to use Ships to cross the seas and visit the numerous Islands that exist.

Lost Ark has become the second most played game in Steam history, just 24 hours after its release .

Guide: Lost Ark ship unlock

You will be able to unlock ships in Lost Ark when you reach about 35 to 37 levels with your character. You will then encounter a quest called Set Sail. In this quest you need to speak and hire Eshu. It is also located in Wavestrand Harbor in Eastern Luterra. Then you will need to talk to several NPCs to complete the quest. After the cinematics you will be on a ship. In this way, you unlock the ships in the game.

 Lost Ark

To use the ship, open the Map and select Sail. Another method is to dock your Ship from the Port.

At first you will have three Ships to choose from. Later, if you can meet the requirements of all Ships, you will be able to purchase them all. This is because the Archaic Oceans are full of dangerous areas and rough seas that must be navigated safely. In this game, different ships can cope with various difficulties.

When you unlock ships in Lost, you’ll also have access to new destinations, locations, and missions!

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