How to Get the Infinity Spell in Minecraft

Survival in Minecraft can be quite challenging at times, and if you’re having trouble maintaining the durability of your shield, armor or sword, you can switch to ranged attacks. However, choosing a bow and arrow as primary weapons isn’t going to be easy.

For example, you will still have to work a little to have enough arrows. So expect to be looking for feathers and picking flint out of gravel for a pretty good amount of time before venturing into danger with a bow.

If crafting supplies and arrows seems tedious though, you can loot arrows from skeletons. However, it won’t be that productive and you will eventually get about five to ten arrows each night.

Still, there is a method where you can avoid these tedious tasks and still enjoy shooting enemies with arrows. As a matter of fact, if you put your hand on something called an “a”, you can shoot endless arrows. Infinity spell.

So let’s find out how to get the infinity spell in Minecraft quickly and easily. But first, let’s discuss what it is, the pros and cons.

what is infinity magic

The infinity spell in Minecraft only affects bows. The only effect of this spell is to allow the player to shoot an infinite number of arrows. A little take away from most of Minecraft’s magic, infinity doesn’t have levels. Therefore, it will always remain at the same level – level one.

Infinity can work well with other spells. However, you cannot combine it with it. mending magic. In addition, the arrows must be normal, so for example, spectral arrows will not work.

It is important to understand that for this spell to work, you must have at least one arrow in your inventory. The arrow never disappears from the inventory even after hitting the bow.

Finally, you won’t be able to recycle any of the arrows you shoot while using a bow with an infinity enchantment.

How to Buy

While magic may seem like something legendary, there are many ways to get it quickly – just like there are many ways to copy items in Minecraft – so let’s check out these methods.


Let’s start with the most difficult. Not ironically, one of my favorite in-game activities that I know can be extremely boring is fishing. It also provides a good amount of random stuff apart from fish and allows one to get great rewards.

For example, fishing enchanted items or even spellbooks isn’t all that uncommon. I remember catching a magic fishing rod on one of my Minecraft runs, having the luck of the sea. From then on, it became much easier to get better items by fishing.

How to Get the Infinity Spell in Minecraft

So, by fishing, you can hit the jackpot and draw an enchanted book of the infinity attribute. However, it would be a great risk to rely solely on this method, as it can take quite a long time to obtain the desired enchantment book.

Note that there is a 0.8% chance of catching an enchanted book by fishing with an uncharted fishing rod. Now let’s see the possibilities of catching enchanted books with sticks containing the Sea Luck advantage.

  • Stage 1: 1.2%
  • Stage 2: 1.5%
  • Stage 3: 1.9%

It’s important to understand that these chances are for books that contain any type of magic, not necessarily infinity.

librarian villagers

When you come across a village, keep an eye on the library. If you’re lucky enough to find a village with a Librarian, be sure to check out what items they want to trade. Search for an infinity spell book and you’re set.

However, there is another way to follow this method – creating your own village. So if you do try this approach, be sure to train as many villagers as possible to become librarians.

How to Get the Infinity Spell in Minecraft

To make an unemployed villager a librarian, you must make sure there is a lectern close to them. One method is to enclose the baby villagers in an enclosed area with some lecterns.

The chances of finding a librarian villager willing to trade an infinity spell book aren’t that slim. Be sure to carry at least five to nineteen emeralds, which are typical prices, though.

If you can’t find a village, you can try manually changing the biomes in Minecraft.

Charming at the Table

The enchantment table is the most effective way to enchant an item. Any item can spawn with a new enchantment if you have the right setup, including bows.

However, this method does not guarantee 100% that you will get the infinity enchantment. For example, you may be unlucky as you don’t have an alternative to obtaining the infinity enchantment, as the enchantment table can grant random advantages.

How to Get the Infinity Spell in Minecraft

If you decide to go this route, though, make sure you have three lapis lazuli and your player’s level is above 30. Then all you have to do is place an item in the enchantment slot; it can be either a bow or a book and hope for the best.

chest loot

You can often find enchanted books in loot chests inside dungeons, mine shafts, temples, and looter outposts, among others. For example, in one of my most recent Minecraft works, I picked up the infinity-enhanced book inside a spider spawning chamber above a mine shaft.

Of course, this method is as difficult and long as fishing, but you can still make it.

The chance of encountering an enchanted book in a loot chest is significantly higher in library chests inside castles, dropping to somewhere between 67% and 72%.

Still, your chances of finding an enchanted book about mine shafts, dungeons and woodland mansions are about 14%. Desert temples and water ruins give a 21% to 23% chance, and looter outposts have an 11% chance to contain enchanted books.

However, just like with fishing, these chances are all about enchanted books, so you’ll be relying on luck to find exactly infinity.


Let’s say you have successfully fished or found a book with an infinity enchantment on it, or you were lucky at the enchantment table and now the enchanted book is in your inventory. The next step is to get the enchanted book to pass its advantage to a pedestrian.

Simply make an anvil, move towards it and place the bow next to the book. Since this will be in a recipe format, the resulting item will be a bow with an infinity enchantment.

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