Elden Ring: The five best Summoning Ashes in the game

One of the great novelties of Elden Ring in relation to FromSoftware ‘s previous games is the possibility to summon spirits that help the player during combat in certain areas and against bosses. 

To summon the spirits, it is necessary to obtain the item Wraith-Calling Bell , given by the witch Ranni at the beginning of the journey. She will also give the player the Lone Wolf Ash , but getting the best ones will be a little more complicated task. 

Meet Elden Ring, the most anticipated game of the year:

Check out the top five summons in the game and where to find each one.

Lone wolf

Elden Ring: The five best Summoning Ashes in the game

The witch Ranni gives you, in addition to the Wraith-Calling Bell, one of the first Ashes of the Elden Ring: the Lone Wolf Ash. Still, she is one of the best in the game. Wolves don’t have a lot of health, but they do a good amount of damage and are excellent for distracting enemies and bosses while the player recovers and better plans their next attacks. 

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Impersonating tear

Elden Ring: The five best Summoning Ashes in the game

Considered by many players to be the best Ash of the Elden Ring, the Mimic Tear summons an identical copy of the player to aid in combat, with the same weapon, armor, and accessories. This makes her useful at every possible point in the game and makes some boss battles a lot less punishing. 

To obtain it, the player must defeat Radhan, opening the way to Nokron, Eternal City. Soon after, go to the Sacred Night Field. It is worth remembering that, in order to access the chest, it is necessary to have a Stone Sword Key.

Lhutel the Headless

Elden Ring: The five best Summoning Ashes in the game

Luther is one of the toughest summons in the Elden Ring, being able to withstand massive amounts of damage and thus “tank” enemies and protect the Tainted. It is especially useful in magic builds, as it keeps opponents busy while the player only cares about dealing damage from a distance. 

Lhutel can be found relatively early in the journey, on the Peninsula of Tears, in a dungeon called the Catacombs of the Mausoleum Wing, just south of the Pilgrimage Church.

Oleg, Banished Knight

This invocation brings out an imposing knight, similar to those found in Castletempesveil that use destructive wind attacks. Oleg uses two giant swords and is one of the most powerful summons in terms of the Elden Ring attack, but unfortunately it doesn’t last long in boss battles. 

He can be found in the Hero’s Tomb of the Outskirts, an unlocked area in the Drifting Graveyard, one of the first Free Landmarks in the game, with a Stone Sword Key.

Latenna the Albinauric

Latenna is the spirit of an extremely powerful archer. The player can position her from a distance and just watch her destroy enemies and torment the most powerful bosses. It is found in Liurnia dos Lagos and it will be necessary to complete some specific quests to obtain it.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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