5 annoying features to avoid in GTA 6

GTA 6 will have to learn from the mistakes of previous games and avoid certain features.

Fans have been preparing for the next part for several years. Whether they will be disappointed remains to be seen. GTA 6 is currently being developed by a very different Rockstar Games, as several of their key players have left the company.

Either way, the next game might set a good example by avoiding some particularly bad features. Whether it’s expensive payment walls or a lack of reliable income, GTA 6 needs to get rid of those concepts.

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Five Annoying Features to Avoid in GTA 6

5) Microtransactions

5 annoying features to avoid in GTA 6

GTA Online has made a lot of money from microtransactions, especially Shark Cards. Unfortunately, this led to a payout game. It’s all ridiculously expensive, leading to a very long grind just to get past GTA Online. By that point, it feels more like a full-time job than a game.

It is currently unknown how GTA 6 will include online gameplay. However, microtransactions will definitely leave a nasty aftertaste for some players. They don’t need to spend more than they already paid for the game.

4) Lack of business income

5 annoying features to avoid in GTA 6

Many GTA 5 businesses lacked lucrative revenue. For example, Los Santos Customs takes 219 weeks to return on investment.

Unlike GTA Online, Story Mode players don’t have many ways to earn a lot of money. Once all of their missions are completed, it will be difficult for players to find a reliable source of income.

The next game should be inspired by GTA Online. Players should be able to run a successful business with lots of money.

3) Overpriced property

5 annoying features to avoid in GTA 6

GTA 5 has significant issues with expensive resources like Los Santos Golf Club. $150,000,000 is too much, especially with a meager income of $264,500. It would take a total of 568 weeks just to pay it off.

Overpriced real estate is a very artificial way to extend the gameplay. The next game should have more reasonable prices. At the very least, players should have the means to earn that kind of money.

2) Unsatisfactory side missions

The point of a video game is to have fun. Many GTA 5 missions contradict this point, such as the Epsilon side quests. These include running for miles in the desert and wearing clothes for ten consecutive days.

GTA 6 should not have empty timed missions like the Epsilon program. Players will not experience any sense of accomplishment by simply completing them.

1) Yoga

Yoga is definitely a feature that most fans don’t want to see in GTA 6. It’s a quick event (QTE) that requires a lot of skill and precision. However, this is completely pointless as it does not improve the player’s stats.

The worst example of this mini-game was during the mission Did Someone Say Yoga? A one-time error will result in the entire set being restarted. GTA 6 is better off without this feature as all it does is frustrate players.

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