As one of the best weapons for Intelligence builds, the Moonveil Katana makes close combat easy. Capable of inflicting bleed, physical and magic damage, it is suitable for almost any situation. It is located in the western parts of Caelid and can be acquired at the very start of the game.

Where to find Moonveil in the Gael Tunnel

Where to find Moonveil in Elden Ring

Following the road from Limgrave, players can find the Gael Tunnel by traveling south of the Rotten Hut. Enemies are tough here early in the game and gaining aggro from bigger enemies can mean instant death. To obtain the Moonveil, players only need to go through the dungeon and fight the boss inside.

Fight Magma Wyrm

Where to find Moonveil in Elden Ring

At first, this boss can be difficult for most players. There are, however, good methods to remove the damage quite easily. In the mine are several glittering stone fragments that will inflict magic damage when used. Magma Wyrm is quite weak to magic and can be attacked from a distance with sorceries or consumable magic items. Staggering the boss will prevent it from spitting lava onto the ground and open it for a critical hit.

If defeated, the Magma Wyrm will drop the Moonveil Katana, the coveted weapon of choice for any Intelligence build in the game.

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