Another great crossover is coming to the fields of war: PUBG Mobile and Warframe team up to bring even more content to fans and players. Until the 19th of April you can get special skins by completing various missions based on the best of what Warframe has to offer. Also, this won’t be the end of the partnership between the two, with more events between them coming soon. The developer itself promised, so you can wait calmly.

Apparently Tenno has gone too far and his journey now intertwines with one of the most played mobile battle royale on the planet. Its importance in our market today is undeniable, with partnerships that have gone beyond all limits to attract the public. From the musical group Blackpink to even skins based on characters from League of Legends , everything has conspired to its success since its arrival. What will be next?

The big event in PUBG Mobile

The longevity of the event also surprised PUBG Mobile fans, considering that these crossovers don’t last very long. That’s plenty of time for you to log in and get the items, especially if you’re a Warframe fan. Launched in 2013, it made an absurd explosion in the world of online shooters and conquered a whole legion of players since then. I’ve even seen games of the same level being born and dying and not reaching your feet, which shows how awesome it has achieved in its lifespan.

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