Elden Ring: Know the Dangers of Arguing in Fia's Embrace

Among the various interactions present in Elden Ring is the possibility of hugging Fia, who in the game’s mythology is known for being a deathbed companion. And, just by that nickname, we can already see that approaching the character can be dangerous, especially her hug.

After gaining access to the Round Table, the player can accept a hug from the NPC which, at first, seems harmless. However, after returning to the Midlands, an icon with a red arrow will appear below the health, health and stamina bars — that is, this simple gesture on the part of the character brings with it a 5% debuff on total health.

However, all is not lost (after all, any decrease in your life total can hinder some players): after hugging the NPC, your inventory will receive an item called Blessing of the Canopy, which when used will return your energy bar to normal level and, by the way, will temporarily increase your balance in exchange for FP (the game’s mana).

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