Elden Ring: how to cure poisoning?

Negative statuses are a real nightmare in the life of any Soulslike player, as poisoning, which after filling a meter, consumes the character’s life until it passes, is neutralized or leads to an undignified end.

And of course Elden Ring not only has famous debuffs from other FromSoftware games but also introduced some new ones, and with that in mind, we decided to create a quick guide focused on poisoning, thus helping the journey of all the tainted through the Midlands, where almost everything and everyone wants to kill you.

How to cure poisoning in Elden Ring?

Basically, there are two ways to cure this debuff. The first involves utilizing Neutralizing Bolus , a consumable that can be found across maps, purchased, or even crafted.

It can be acquired from the Nomad Trader, located in West Limgrave , and southeast of the Cave of Dragon’s Passage . Each one will cost 600 runes, but it can be an interesting investment because, depending on the route you choose, you might not find as many of these boluses around.

Elden Ring: how to cure poisoning?

To create them, you need to buy the Armorer’s Cookbook [2] from the same merchant, after that, just have Grass , Cave Moss and Giant Dragonfly Head , and that’s it! You can now manufacture your own poison cure.

Elden Ring: how to cure poisoning?

The second form involves the Cure for Poison enchantment , sold for 1,000 runes by Brother Corhyn , which is initially at the Roundtable and later moves to Altus Plateau after the player encounters Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon.

Elden Ring: how to cure poisoning?

But it is worth remembering that for this method, it is necessary to have ten points of Faith and a catalyst such as the Holy Seal, in addition to, of course, equipping the enchantment in advance in a Place of Grace.

Another interesting tip is to equip armor that offers poison resistance, so you don’t have to constantly spend precious items to deal with this negative status.

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