Which starting gift from Elden Ring works best in the dangerous Land Between?

We have compiled for you what is Elden Ring keepsake and which are the best ones. Since the Land Between is a deadly place, it’s only fitting that the gods give you a gift before they send you to hell. Each of these Elden Ring memorabilia provides its own special advantage, and depending on which Elden Ring class you choose, you will want to receive a certain starting gift.

The specials in Dark Souls 3 are similar to the Dark Souls games: the Crimson Amber Medallion replaces the Ring of Life. Golden Seed replaces Estus Shard, and there’s even an Elden Ring Stonesword Key that will result in treasure a little further on. You can also refuse to accept any of the initial gifts or choose one of them.

What is Elden Ring keepsake?

While creating your character in Elden Ring, you can give it a direction. These range from free upgrades to items and keys that you can use later in the game, which are very similar to the tomb gifts of Souls. Here’s what you can get:

  • Crimson Amber Medallion: Increases Max HP.
  • Lands Between Rune: Gold of grace.
  • Golden Seed: Strengthens Sacred Vials.
  • Fanged Imp Ashes: Ashes of tiny, tiny golems. There are souls in the ashes.
  • Cracked Pot: Miraculously repairs itself.
  • Stonesword Key: Imp statues have two stone keys in the shape of a sword that break the seal. It can only be used once to break the seal of the Imp statue.
  • Bewitching Branch: The five sacred branches are said to be infused with enchanting energy. It is believed that the demigod Miquella created them.
  • Boiled Prawn: Add five boiled shrimp to the pot. Your physical damage is reduced.
  • Shabriri’s Woe: A terrifying image of a goddess without eyes. Enemy aggression is drawn to him.
Which starting gift from Elden Ring works best in the dangerous Land Between?

What is the best Elden Ring starter gift?

There are several great gifts available at the start of Elden Ring. But it all depends on what you want to make simpler. For example, obtaining a golden seed from Elden Ring will increase your bottle’s healing or FP load by one. Bewitching Branch offers five chances to enchant monsters to fight for you, and it can be quite effective if you pick the right opponents.

Stonesword Key is a personal favorite of many. Because golden seed can be obtained much more easily. These keys are not common throughout the game and are not released very often. You can use this key to open a door, usually to treasure or a hidden location, by inserting it into a statue, similar to the Pharros Lockstones in Dark Souls 2. At the beginning of the game there is such a portal to Elden. Ring Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. This will be the hardest level in Limgrave with a particularly difficult Elden Ring boss if you try it early in the game.

The Elden Ring dungeon provides some good rewards like Oleg, golden seed, a powerful talisman, and lots of runes that you can use to level up. If you are looking for a challenge and some perks, I suggest you use Stonesword Key. If not, get golden seed. Fanged Imp Ashes are also fun. But first you will need to acquire the Spirit Calling Bell, and when you do, you will automatically receive Lone Wolf ashes.

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