Secrets of the game "Super Mario" (Super Mario Bros)
Super Mario

Below are all the secrets of Super Mario Bros. About bricks with question marks and water pipes, I will not write anything.

Level 1-1

  1. There is an invisible brick in front of 1 cavity in the air, in which a green fungus is hidden (jump 5 bricks from the cavity)
  2. After 2 hollows in the brick coins are hidden (jump on the 6th brick)
  3. After you knock out coins from a brick, you will meet 2 bricks, break 2 bricks, you will find an asterisk

Level 1-2

  1. A small enemy runs between the columns, and above it is a brick, there are coins in it
  2. After the columns, a curve of bricks with coins hangs in the air, in the last part there is an asterisk in the brick (for this, Mario must grow up)
  3. In front of the 1st cavity there is a slab of bricks, and in front of it there is a large column of bricks, we knock out the 2nd column of the column there are coins (for this Mario must grow up)
  4. After the cavity in the air there is a large plate with coins, stand on the last brick of the plate and knock out a parallel brick from the top, there is a green fungus
  5. After the first ladders, a red turtle runs on the ground, we trample it and knock out a red mushroom from the last brick of a plate hanging in the air
  6. The field of the second ladders you have a choice: go to the next level or get levels 2-4 (2-4 levels can be reached by reaching the very top on the ladders and jump onto the brick slab and go forward)

Level 1-3

  • There are no secrets in this level

Level 1-4

  • In this level you will face the dragon 1v1

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