Budding hunters could take up the challenge this week, if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, that is. Nintendo has announced that those who use this service can try The Rise of the Monster Hunter free! This surely means more than just a demo, with players having access to the full game for a limited time.

Therefore, from 10:00 AM PST on March 11 to 11:59 PM PST on March 17, players can swing their weapons to take down massive enemies with friends. And while a week doesn’t seem like a long time, you can definitely do a lot of hunting during that time.

In our opinion of Monster Hunter Rise, we praised the franchise’s quality of life improvements and excellent multiplayer mode. So if our thoughts weren’t enough almost a year ago, maybe a jaunt against the giants will do.

Next week we’ll also be hearing more about the upcoming expansion, Breaking the Sun , so it’s likely that Capcom and Nintendo want to generate as much interest in the base game as possible.

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