Today for starters we will explain how Weapon Scaling works in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Weapon Scaling Best Guide 2022

What is Elden Ring Weapon Scaling? Elden Ring, like any other role-playing game, requires players to understand how weapons work in order to optimize their characters. Weapon Scaling helps weapons deal more damage against higher level enemies.

How is Elden Ring Weapon Scaling done?

If you’re confused about how weapon scaling works in the game, don’t worry because we’ll help you out.

We’ll go over the entire procedure for how scaling works in this section. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to discover everything in detail.

Elden Ring Weapon Scaling Best Guide 2022

We will use Uchigatana’s statistics as an example to explain everything more easily . The stats of this weapon are 115 + 18 attack power. 115 damage indicates the amount of damage this item can do and cannot be replaced as it is not dependent on any other factors.

Attribute buffs can only be used through an upgrade, i.e. anvil or blacksmith, and cannot be changed. The +18 bonus comes in conjunction with the Attributes we have.

Weapon scaling and features

The Attribution scaling section is located next to attack power, and D-Level scaling is available for both Potency and Dexterity. When attacking with a weapon, the damage of your hit is determined by Strength and Dexterity.

Scaling helps us increase the damage these attributes do by going to the Sites of Grace. This means that Uchigatana will be modified in some respects.

Elden Ring Weapon Scaling Best Guide 2022

For example, it can convert a D-grade Dexterity to a C-grade Dexterity. As a result of scaling, Dexterity’s damage is increased.

While there isn’t a big change in damage totals, higher weapon levels will increase your power thanks to scaling. When you upgrade the weapon, the damage increases from +18 to +2

Keep leveling up the feature to make a big impact. Note that you have to change the scaling according to your game. For example, if you are focusing on Strength, scale the weapon to a grade A power. This will make a huge difference.

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