The Lost Ark: How to boost your characters to the max level for free
Lost Ark

Lost Ark , the highly anticipated hack and slash MMOfrom Smilegate, will officially open in the West at 6 p.m. on Steam . If you plan to level up several characters to the maximum level but fear that the exercise will be long and tedious, an alternative exists.

The Korean studio has indeed provided several solutions to boost the level of at least three characters to the maximum level, for free and fairly quickly.

How to get two Express Growth Passes

In our test, we notably raised the problem of a leveling phase that was quite often redundant and interventionist. Also, the prospect of having to go all the way with several classes to try out their spectacular gameplay could be exhausting. Fortunately, it will not be necessary to come to that to be able to enjoy the endgame with different characters.

In the character selection screen, you can indeed note the existence of an Express Growth Pass, the description of which is intended to be relatively cryptic. In reality, obtaining this Pass simply requires reaching level 50 and continuing the story until you complete the quest “Ealyn’s Gift” with your main character.

Once this is done, you will be given a completely free first Pass, allowing you to boost a level 10 character to level 50 by following an alternative path lasting approximately thirty minutes. It will therefore be necessary to have created a character beforehand and chosen its Specialization, propelling it to level 10. As good news never comes alone, the use of this Pass will trigger the sending of a second Pass in your message box, allowing you to repeat the exercise on a second character.

It goes without saying that your characters, which quickly rise to the maximum level, will be equipped accordingly and can therefore quietly benefit from their express power gain.

How to Get Other Character Boosts

Now that you have three characters at max level, you still have the option to do the same for at least a fourth character. However, there is no more question here of an Express Growth Pass. This time you will have to reconnect preferably with your main character and go to your Fortress ( housing system unlocked around level 30).

On site, you will be able to interact with an automaton offering to search for the Knowledge Transfer functionality. This will allow you, once unlocked, to choose a secondary character and raise it to the maximum level for 600 gold coins (a rather rare currency and mainly used at the auction house, but relatively easy to farm ).

Once the Transfer of Knowledge has been initiated, all you have to do is wait eight hours and you will have a fresh fourth character ready to tackle the endgame . The process can be repeated several times, provided of course that you have 600 gold coins for each character.

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