How to stop rain in Minecraft? Code to turn off the rain completely!

If the biome you live in in Minecraft is a place that receives a lot of rain and the constant rain is annoying or lowers your FPS, there is a code to turn off the rain permanently. So, how to stop the rain in Minecraft? Code to permanently stop the rain in Minecraft!

In Minecraft , it rains a lot in the biome where your house is and if you are tired of turning off the rain with the code /weather clear every time , there is also a code to turn off the rain permanently. Players who want to use this code need to make sure that cheats are active in creative mode or in the world. So, how to turn off rain permanently in Minecraft? Code to stop the rain in Minecraft! Here are the details…


First of all, when it rains in Minecraft, you can stop it with the code /weather clear . However, after a while it will start to rain again. To prevent this, if you enter /gamerule doWeatherCycle False after the rain has stopped , the rain cycle will be closed in the world you created and it will not rain again. To reactivate the rain, you can open the loop again by entering the code /gamerule doWeatherCycle True .

  • /gamerule doWeatherCycle false – To stop the natural cycle of the weather

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