Elden Ring is not for everyone, it is difficult. Let’s talk about how to ease the pain.

Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are renowned for their difficulty. The authors of these games from the studio FromSoftware have prepared a surprise for the fans. On February 25, Elden Ring was released , which should incorporate the best of the developers’ past releases. The new project is not for everyone. To pass it, you will need a lot of strength, endurance and a desire to achieve the goal. In this article, we will talk about tips that will help you cope with difficulties and not go crazy.

Explore locations carefully

The advice may seem banal, but it is worth heeding. The open world of Elden Ring holds many secrets. In some locations you can get the best equipment, in others – useful resources.

When inspecting the location, look for small golden trees. Beneath them will be the seeds needed to increase the number of flasks with health and magic. Most often they are found at plot forks and after guide fires. Many zones have hidden underground locations with treasures and whole bosses. Learn everything!

Elden Ring

Choose comfortable and efficient equipment

Everything depends on the equipment in Elden Ring . At the beginning of the game, you can choose a class that is closer to you. The choice is rich – from a sorcerer to a samurai with a katana. It is worth remembering that this is only a starter set for the game. At any time, you can retrain as a powerful warrior or a secretive killer.

Pay attention to the characteristics and maximum weight of the equipment. If you overload the character, he will move slowly. Experiment and try to find the perfect outfit. For example, you can use fast weapons with powerful armor, or vice versa.

Try to learn the timings and attacks of enemies

Almost every attack in Elden Ring can be dodged. The only exceptions are special attacks using magic. If you can’t get past a certain segment, then try to learn the attacks of enemies and dodge them. Then everything will depend only on you.

Timings also play a big role. For example, you can remember that after a light attack, the knight will go round, which is worth blocking. This method is very effective and works with everyone.

Elden Ring

Try to keep hitting

The key to success in battles lies not only in timings and memorization. In any situation, it is desirable to beat without stopping. This will give you a slight advantage, allowing you to make up the flow of the battle and keep the enemy under control.

This is especially effective with bosses. If you beat the boss, then soon you will unsettle him and he will get tired. At this point, you can approach and deliver a powerful blow that will facilitate the battle. Many of the strong ordinary opponents are also stunned.

Use your horse wisely

A feature of Elden Ring was the possibility of riding. On a horse, you can explore the world and fight with opponents. The animal is very effective when you need to deal with a group of enemies, but you don’t want to do it on foot. The horse will also be useful in battles with bosses. For an effective fight, you should constantly keep the enemy at gunpoint and monitor his attacks. Use the horse as often as possible. It is also useful to leave the battle in a critical situation.

Elden Ring

Properly distribute the received runes and memories of bosses

Runes are an analogue of souls from Dark Souls in Elden Ring . They are given for each opponent. Powerful enemies will be rewarded with more runes. The most effective way to get a lot of runes is to kill the boss. The most important thing is to correctly distribute them.

See what you are missing. Check the availability of the item with merchants. Invest runes in the stats you really need. That is, for example, when playing as a heavy warrior, it is worth pumping health and strength. The same analogy applies to other classes as well.

After defeating the bosses, memories are given. They can be spent on a valuable item like a sword or a boss spell, or you can get a lot of runes. Consider what is more important to you.

If you are stuck at one moment, take a breath and look for another way

Surely there will be situations when you try to kill the boss for several hours, but progress is not even observed. In this case, it is better to leave attempts to fight for a while and do something else. For example, go explore the world and pump skills.

You can do even better. Just take your mind off Elden Ring . Take care of household chores, work, paint. Such processes will distract you from the game and allow you to calm your nerves. Often the most difficult bosses with an easy head are passed in two counts.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The game has an average rating of 97 out of 100 on Metacritic.

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