Elden Ring: Player completes the game in 2h30 without dying once

Recently, the game Elden Ring from creator From Software was released. But the latest information shows the success that the title is already experiencing with gamers.

One player is now known to have successfully completed the entire game in just two and a half hours without dying once.

The recent Elden Ring game has already managed to captivate gamers, and in just one week since its release, it has sold over 10 million units. Through the Steam database, we can see that at the time of writing, the game has 570,181 players playing at the same time, with the maximum peak being 953,426 players.

And in the video game segment, the most demanding gamers who try to break several records and incredulous feats often make the news.

Player completes Elden Ring in 2:30 without losing once

Gamer Niko Bellic has shared a video on his YouTuber account where he shows how he managed to completely complete the Elden Ring game in just two and a half hours. And to reach this milestone, the speedrunner player had to use as many shortcuts as possible and also had to omit all kinds of additional explorations in the title. In this way, the biggest enemy and obstacle in the game for Bellic was time.

See the video :

The video shows several curiosities about the new game from the creator From Software, however it might be better not to see it if you don’t know the game yet, so as not to spoil the surprise effect when you start playing. Indeed, the content presents several shortcuts and tricks that help shorten the game time, which can condition and skew the experience of new players.

It is important to note that the player did not use any cheats to complete the game and managed to pass it without dying once.

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