Elden Ring: millionaire player after killing possible hacker

Those who follow From Software games know that one of the highlights of these titles is the possibility of invading the world of other adventurers. With Elden Ring things would be no different, and one player ended up getting a millionaire surprise after defeating another Tainted.

As reported on Reddit by the player known as Key_Meaning_9036 in the community, apparently he ended up fighting a supposed hacker and had a pleasant surprise at the end of the confrontation: the sum of 22,714,234 runes in his account – a prize beyond advantageous to get rid of. of a possible cheater.

The message even brings an image to prove the feat, and you can check out this material below:

It is worth mentioning that with this amount of Runes the player could create any build in the game. Another detail is that until the time of publishing this news, very few people seemed to doubt the feat, while others said that they would have liked to have been awarded the same fate as Key_Meaning.

And you, what did you think of it? Would you like to have the same luck in an invasion? Tell us in the space below for comments.

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