Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s first real boss gets the excitement of the game while serving as a key checkpoint for new players.

After three long years the Elden Ring is here and there is no shortage of brutal encounters. You can fight Tree Sentinel right after the first field. And you can find very formidable enemies roaming the world, which may be a handful.

After the tutorial boss dies (or kill it if you’re that good) and leaves the first area, NPC White-Faced Varre directs the player to Stormwind Castle, where the first major boss, Grafted Godrick, is located. But before you get to his , you meet Elden Ring’s first inevitable boss, Margit, Fell Omen.

As with games from FromSoftware, the game’s first boss (or between first bosses) is a big fight; it acts as a filter for new players and is a great success if you manage to beat it. Margit is no different, He hits hard; and although it has a fairly small set of moves, it’s enough for you to try it multiple times. Margit has two phases, the first is simple, He has his cane that hits you and can throw light daggers at the player. While most of their movements are quite slow, they have very irritating timing that can take some getting used to. When he approaches 50% HP, he enters his second phase.

He always opens his second stage with a bouncing light hammer attack. And he gains some new moves, namely a series of blows with a light sword and club, a hammer leap and a hammer blow, and a knife strike with a sword; which does great damage. One thing to watch out for is that their summoned weapons deal elemental damage. That is, even if he goes into battle with a 100 physical damage shield, he can still hit it.

Elden Ring

The player has a series of moves where he can make some good hits. However, it is important not to be greedy as he is an incredibly aggressive boss and punishes people harshly for overdoing it. The safest approach for any class is to get a decent shield, block their faster attacks, and then trap the slow ones – the safest; what always guarantees two hits or a heavy hit is when he raises his cane and hits the ground.

You can avoid this attack by walking around it, so you don’t even need to spend stamina or rolling. During his second phase, another safe window is when He jumps high and hits it down with his hammer. Dodge timing may take some getting used to. But if you nail it, it almost always warrants two hits. You can also surprise Margit for a critical hit – bouncing heavy weapons can do wonders.

If you’ve just started a class using magic, it’s a little easier; For being able to keep your distance and spam magic to reduce your health. A shield like this is also recommended, as he has an attack where he quickly closes the distance. Also, remember that while he can’t drop from the arena, you can! Therefore, always pay attention to your surroundings! Another way to help yourself with magic is to summon Spirits – find our guide to Spirits here. Or you can always participate in a joyful cooperation!

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