Lost Ark Skills - How do I upgrade skills with Skill Points?

Lost Ark skills and skill points are an integral part of a good build.

In any ARPG, you are only as strong as your weakest skill. Lost Ark skills are the main attraction of this brand new action game, and if you’re playing (or thinking of playing), it’s probably because you’ve seen some awesome actions that smash demons like fresh and tasty lettuce.

MMORPGs like Lost Ark can get very confusing very quickly. You will find hundreds of Lost Ark skills scattered across 15 classes. You start with a group, unlock even more, and then even change old skills to new ones as you upgrade them. The Lost Ark skills menu certainly doesn’t explain everything well, so we’ll explain.

Want to start Lost Ark? Lost Ark Founder’s Packs still offer some decent rewards for cash. Once inside, you ‘ll want to use the Lost Ark tier list to check out the Lost Ark classes and choose your poison – but the Lost Ark gender-locking system can limit your options if you’re particular about your characters.

What are Lost Ark Skills?

Simply put, Lost Ark skills are fancy attacks you use to crush your enemies. Be it combo actions, power-ups, freezes, snares or snares, they are all Lost Ark skills and all worth checking out.

As soon as you enter the game as your character, you can test about six Lost Ark skills for your chosen class. While it will give you a great feel for your chosen profession, your battle strategy will start to look very different as you level up, unlock new Lost Ark skills, and use skill points to change their effects.

As you level up, points are unlocked and can be spent on improving Lost Ark skills.

How Do Lost Ark Skill Points Work? – How to Upgrade Lost Ark Skills

If you’re here after playing the game, you’re probably wondering how Lost Ark skill points work. Even though you meet them very early, they are not explained well at all.

Before you reach level 15, you’ll have around 20 skill points to enter the Lost Ark skills you’ll be using for a while. They’re there to hone your trusty skills and turn them into even better releases, but the results can be mixed – especially if you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted a valuable resource.

You can load the Lost Ark skills window in the following ways:

  • When you earn a new score tap the square ‘+’ icon at the top of your hotbar
  • Tap on ‘Combat Skills’ in the ‘Character’ menu (this also works on the controller)
  • press the ‘K’ key

Use one of the three methods above and you’ll see a long list of your Lost Ark skills, lots of icons, and lots of buttons. This may seem daunting, but it’s not possible to permanently build or break your character by tapping anything here.

Before level 16, you will only have access to the first Lost Ark abilities. You’re free to keep your points until you unlock more, but now you’ll speed up your progress by using them all. To do this, tap on any Lost Ark skill you want to use and hover the mouse over the icons on the right.

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When you put enough points on any skill, you will level it up, which will then allow you to increase it with any of the two or three Skill Runes in the first row. At 20 points, you will level up enough to choose a Skill Rune from the second row. The same thing happens again when you put 48 points on the skill, unlocking the third and final Skill Rune option you can choose from.

Spin Slash is one of Paladin’s Lost Ark skills.

What Do Lost Ark Skill Points Do?

Adding points to Lost Ark skills unlocks Skill Runes that permanently change that skill. Some of these can simply strengthen damage or skill, or change them in more drastic ways: for example, by adding additional attacks, stacks, increasing their duration, or unlocking the ability to move while using them.

Every skill is different, and by mixing and matching three of the approximately eight Skill Runes available for each ability in the end, you will end up with moves that look very different from what they started with.

Lost Ark Skill Points Permanent?

Before you even start thinking about putting a stop to your Lost Ark skills, you can ruin your character leveling for hours, just take a breather. Despite being a free game, Lost Ark doesn’t expect you in nickels and cents for making a weird mistake.

All skill points you spent on Lost Ark skills can be recovered for free by tapping the ‘-‘ button next to each skill. This will take back the points whether you have saved your build or not, it will just remove the current Skill Runes and bring the points back to you ready to place them on something else.

Need more about Lost Ark? Use the link at the top of this page to jump to our hub, where you’ll find loads of guides. If you’re still looking for suggestions, the Lost Ark skins page can make you look good. If you’re interested in collectibles, our Lost Ark cards guide and Lost Ark Mokoko seeds page can get you started there.

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