How to get a horse in Elden Ring. How to control a horse

The world of Elden Ring easily rivals Ubisoft’s projects in size. To simplify the movement, the developers not only increased the number of “bonfires”, but also added a real horse. In this guide, we will tell you in detail how to get a mount and how to use it in battles.

How to get a horse

Once in the open world, you will quickly learn that the golden glow shows the main direction and the main path, but the nearby boss will make it clear that following the “plot” alone will not work.

The first thing you need to get in the world of Elden Ring is a horse. It will not only speed up the movement, but also simplify many boss fights. However, it can only be obtained outside the main path.

From the place where you first find yourself in the open world, head northeast (along the road). Walk around the boss – you can’t defeat him without a horse. As a result, you must reach the ruins near the castle.

There will be many enemies, as well as an obelisk with a map of the area. Take it to make it easier to navigate.

Find the bridge on the map, just below the ruins. Overcome it in any way or bypass it. Immediately after the bridge there are two roads – up and down. Up to you.

Move until you see high ruins. Inside you will find a statue and a bonfire. The place will be called the Third Temple of Marika. Rest there to trigger a cutscene.

After talking with the girl, you will learn how to level up, and also get the item – “Bone Scroll”. Using it, you will be able to summon the Stream – a horse. The item menu is activated with a separate button. You can place a scroll there to always have quick access to riding.

How to use the horse

How to get a horse in Elden Ring. How to control a horse

No one will explain how to call a horse. Select “Bone Scroll” and move it to the Quick Items menu. On the console, you can open it with a clamped triangle. Use the arrow to select the “scroll” – the Flow will appear. Activate this item again to make the horse disappear.

Obviously, on a horse you move faster. However, some opponents can still catch up with the hero. To avoid such situations, press “evasion” – this is how the horse accelerates.

In addition, the Stream has a double jump that allows you to overcome many obstacles.

In certain places (most often near rocks) you will find rising air vortices. Jumping into it, you and your horse will fly to a great height and climb the mountain. The landing site is not always safe, so look around carefully.

How to get a horse in Elden Ring. How to control a horse

The stream is almost immortal, but still takes damage. If the scale of his health decreases to zero, you will have to prepare a special potion to revive him.

How to fight on horseback

How to get a horse in Elden Ring. How to control a horse

Even if you use a dual weapon, on a horse you will have to hold the sword in only one hand. It is also possible to change the side of the attack. Using a standard attack, you will strike from the right side, and using the second hand, from the left. This is very convenient, since the enemies will now and then be on the side of the horse.

The mechanics of strong blows is exactly the same as in the battles on foot. They are slow and require training, so applying them all the time is not very effective.

How to get a horse in Elden Ring. How to control a horse

The horse cannot be used in dungeons, which means that it will not work to pass absolutely all the bosses on it. In open arenas, you will always have plenty of room to maneuver. A winning tactic is to quickly move around the enemy, not giving him time for an aimed strike. The horse will be especially useful if you use magic or a bow. So you can deal constant damage while avoiding direct collisions.

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