Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

In the large world of Elden Ring , players will often encounter bosses and other difficulties. As with previous games from the studio, the developers from FromSoftware have also added some really exciting battles with other players. In this guide, we will go into detail about all the intricacies of co-op play in Elden Ring.

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How to enable multiplayer in Elden Ring

First of all, to connect to a cooperative game, the user must activate the corresponding function in the settings. To do this, do the following:

  • From the main menu, go to “Settings”.Also, during the game, you can pause the game and open the corresponding menu.
  • Open the “Network” tab.
  • In the item “Settings. launcher, switch to the “Play online” option.

Also, in the settings, you can prohibit the selection of players from other regions (“Global Game”), remove the ability for the hero to move to worlds with rivals (“Send a call sign”) and enable voice chat.

How to invite and summon a friend to your world

Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

To participate in co-op battles together, players must use special items to summon. The first player needs to use the Gnarled Finger of the Extinct and leave a mark on the ground. The second and subsequent users must get to this place, drink the “Summoning Finger Potion” and activate the found mark.

Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

From now on, players can explore the world together and defeat enemies. Please note that the effect of the elixirs will end after the successful completion of the fight with the boss, so these actions will have to be repeated.

How to invade someone else’s world without an invitation. How to fight other players in Elden Ring

Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

The principle of summoning other players for PvP battles is very similar to joining a friend. The player must activate Duelist’s Gnarled Finger to leave a mark on the ground. If another user wants to fight online with another user, then after using the “Summoning Finger Potion” item, he will be able to activate the red call sign found.

Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

There is also a “Rotten Bloody Finger”, with which the user can invade a foreign world without asking and try to kill an unprepared player. With the help of the item “Little Red Figurine” it is necessary to activate the nearest monastery. The character will place himself in the general set of heroes and move to another hostile player at a random time.

What are the restrictions in a cooperative game

Elden Ring. How to play multiplayer with other players

It should be borne in mind that there are some restrictions in multiplayer. They are designed to balance the gameplay:

  • Players cannot use the horse and summon assistants.
  • The number of healing potions and mana is halved. Ordinary opponents will not attack intruding users.
  • Hostile players will not be able to pass through the fog and enter the boss arena.
  • They will wait for the owner of the current world to appear.

In addition, the search for other players is carried out according to certain rules, taking into account the current level of the heroes and the available improvements to the weapons used. This means that a high level player will never be able to connect to a newbie.

Also, the owner of the pumped weapon will not meet with the user who is equipped with the initial sword, staff or bow. In co-op password-protected play, these restrictions do not work, so more advanced characters will have their stats reduced to the lowest level hero in the group.

How to set a password and make a co-op game private

There is a separate setting that allows you to restrict access to the game world. With it, players can gather with friends in one place and arrange joint PvP (players against players) and PvE (players against the world) battles. To enable the feature, follow these steps:

  • Pause the game and open the “Multiplayer” menu.
  • Press the appropriate button, such as the “triangle” button on the PlayStation, to navigate to co-op settings.
  • In the “Password for network game” item, enter any value and close the settings window. The same data must be entered by other users.

Please note that restrictions on joining the world do not apply to invaders and saviors. Also note that the player can set passwords for multiple groups (“Group Password”) to see only their messages, phantoms, bloodstains, and summon signs more often.

What items are needed for a cooperative game

Elden Ring has added many items that players will need to use multiplayer. Almost all summoning items can be purchased from merchants or found in the game world. Each of them is responsible for a specific function:

  1. Potion of the Summoning Finger – allows you to see the signs of summoning allies and enemies.
  2. Gnarled Finger of the Extinct – Creates a summoning mark on the ground for friendly co-op play
  3. Gnarled Duelist ‘s Finger – Creates a summoning mark on the ground for player-to-player combat.
  4. Withered Finger of the Extinguished – allows you to leave messages on the ground.
  5. Rotten Bloodied Finger – Required to invade an alien world.
  6. White ring with cryptography – when invading, it automatically sends a signal to another player for help. Purchased at the Round Table.
  7. Blue ring with cryptography – automatically calls for help to another player when invading his world. Purchased at the Round Table.
  8. Taunter’s Tongue – Allows other players to invade the current world and reduces the time between summoning intervals.
  9. Finger Cutter – Returns the player or his assistants back to their worlds.
  10. Small Gold Figurine – Creates a Friendly Co-op Summoning Badge and places it in the general pickup group.
  11. Small Red Figurine – Creates a summoning token for player-to-player combat and places it in the general pickup group.

How to write messages in a multiplayer game

Throughout the game in different parts of the Elden Ring world, users will notice a variety of white writing on the ground. In them, other adventurers from all over the planet leave clues about the environment and upcoming events.

Each player is able to independently place a record. To do this, after entering the open world at the first place of grace, you need to talk with a man who will provide the initial multiplayer items. Among them, you will need to use the Extinct Withered Finger artifact:

  1. Go to “Inventory” and find the above item.
  2. Activate it and in the “Write a message” tab, compose the appropriate text.
  3. Click finish to post your message.

Players are provided with a large set of templates with which to create text suitable for the current situation.

How to thank or blame a player for leaving a message

Found messages at will, you can praise or scold. To do this, the player, after reading, must press the appropriate buttons “Good” or “Bad”. If the message is left behind and you do not want to return to it, then you can do the following:

  1. Open “Inventory”.
  2. Find the Withered Finger of the Extinct item in the Tools section and apply it. The Messages window will be displayed.
  3. Switch to the third tab “Read Messages”.
  4. Find the required hint and press the button of approval or condemnation as desired.

In the “Messages” window, you can see the current rating of the message. In total, the game allows you to view the last ten records at a time

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