While the war in Ukraine is at its height, rumors that are stirring the world say that the Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin, hid his mistress and children away from the war. You will not believe when you find out where.

 Putin hide his "mistress" and their children

Alina Kabayeva, 38, one of the most decorated gymnasts in history who has won an Olympic gold medal, is reportedly hiding in a private hut “somewhere” in Switzerland. According to estimates, Kababa has four children from the Russian president, although he has never confirmed the rumors
A source said: “While Putin is attacking Ukraine, attacking innocent civilians and causing a refugee crisis, his family is hidden in a very private and secure hut in Switzerland – for now, at least. Alina has two young sons and other twins she brought with Putin. They all have Swiss passports, and I describe I think she has one too
During her artistic gymnastics career, Kabaiba has won two Olympic medals in Sydney and Athens, 14 medals at the World Championships and 21 medals at the European Championships. The president does not talk about his personal affairs and two of his daughters have avoided the spotlight and rarely talk about them. Putin has previously attacked “the snoopers and their erotic fantasies that are pushed into the lives of others.” He said: “I have a personal life where I do not allow anyone to interfere. It must be respected.”

Vladimir Putin was married to air hostess Ludmila Putina for about 30 years, until in 2013 it was announced that they were divorcing. When interviewed for television after watching a ballet together, Putin admitted that rumors that he and his wife were no longer together were “true” and that she had “finished her shift” as Russia’s first lady. She appeared only when rarely required of her, according to the protocol during his years in power and had a controversial appearance a few years before, because she did not wear a wedding ring. Ludmila said: “Our marriage ended because we barely see each other.” Vladimir is completely immersed in his work. Our children have grown up, each one lives his own life and I prefer to avoid publicity. “

Over the years, Putin has suffered rumors of an affair, which he has always denied. His political rival, Alexei Navalny, once claimed that Putin married the former Olympic gymnast in a “secret ceremony

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